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By Chiefs4life24

You guys have been asking about the NFL needing to help us with Berry’s contract I found this today. Hope it helps

5. Eric Berry

As bad as I feel for Berry and his family, I had to leave sentiment out of this. That doesn’t mean I’m advocating the Chiefs cutting him. Far from it. I believe that on March 10th, Eric Berry needs to be placed on the Active Non-Football Injury List. For those of you that do not know, the NFI List is how teams protect themselves when a player gets sick or injured in activities that do not involve Read more…

By CabbageHATCHkid

Obviously we cant afford him right now, if Houston leaves and we gain a first this year and next year. What would u give up in a trade for him. I would love him to replace Bowe as our number1 receiver and more importantly mentor the 2 or 3 receivers we take this year.

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By Mike Florio

The days before the start of the new league year routinely feature teams creating cap space by moving on from contracts with cap numbers they no longer can justify. On Thursday, the Chiefs did just that with veteran linebacker Joe Mays. Mays, perhaps best known for a hit on quarterback Matt Schaub that dislodged a…
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By stevefuller

to get under the cap i see 3 moves….release devito(4 million),daniel(3.8 mil) and joe mays(2.7 million)

then, lets get hali and bowe restructured
one reason is if bowe isnt going to take less and we end up releasing him lets do it asap before we loose the chance to sign a replacement(or two) Read more…

By stevefuller

1)tj clemmings ot
2)dg beckham wr
3)breshad perriman wr
3)quentin rollins cb
4 ifo ekpre-olomu cb
5)davis tull lb
5)chris conley wr
5)bryce hager lb
6) bobby hart g
7) matthew reece c Read more…

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