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By Chiefs4life24

Does anyone on here do that?? I decided to try again and i’am just in it for the money

My team as follows

QB’s- Aaron Rogers and Ben Roethlisberger

RB’s- Andre Ellington, Melvin Gordon, and Duke Johnson

WR’s- O’Dell Beckham, Amari Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Dorial Green Beckham and Roddy White

TE’s- Delanie Walker and Zach Ertz

K- Matt Bryant

Defence- Chiefs and Texans

Does this look like a good team or no? Read more…

By brdempsey69

It can read here:…r-fantasy-team

Maclin says he don’t give a damn about anyone’s fantasy football team. He’s not alone in that thought. I know that Packers GM Ted Thompson and Chiefs GM John Dorsey have the exact same sentiments. Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

Most of you know more about the nuts and bolts of football than I do. I’m just a Chiefs fan, not a coach or GM that “should have been”.

But I’m starting to think that in Reid and Dorsey we have a coach/GM team that can get us where we want to go. Seems like we’re seeing a LOT of guys that were picked up very late in the draft or as UDFA that are starting to look like they could have an impact. That is mostly Dorsey. When we first hired him the thing I Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

Yeah….it’s only pre-season, but 3-0 is still 3-0 (including a win against the Seahawks). From what I read, the #1 O-line looked pretty good tonight, Maclin looked like everything we hoped for and Alex looked looked pretty damned good too. My juices are flowing and I’m starting to think….MAYBE, just MAYBE we can win the West, win a playoff game and….maybe…and……

DAMN!!!!! It’s FUN to be a Chiefs fan again!!!!! :) Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

The second preseason game was predictably a challenge for the patchwork Kansas City Chiefs offensive line. They were playing one of the most athletic defensive lines (and linebacker corps) in the NFL. Seattle has proven to be more than most NFL offensive lines to handle even when at “full strength”.
Unfortunately, we have yet to see the 2015 Chiefs offensive line at full strength. Eric Fisher is out with an ankle sprain, Jeff Allen has a knee sprain and the coaching staff has continuously shuffled the remaining group (other than Ben Grubbs and Mitch Morse).
This Read more…

By Josh Alper

During a radio interview earlier this week, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett complained about the different treatment afforded to quarterbacks when it came to salaries and protection from officials. Bennett referenced Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs’s much-discussed hit on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and wondered “what makes [a quarterback’s] life better than mine” since Bennett gets hit…
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By ctchiefsfan

I can’t do this as well as Roy but with the game 6 hours away someone needs to try.

We’re 2-0 so far in preseason so let’s make it 3-0 and get some PAYBACK for last year week 1!


I’m working again tonight, but should be back for the second half. Read more…

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