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By Seek

Man I have been so upset with the Chiefs I have been refusing to wear anything Chiefs which is hard. Specially with my phone having a Chiefs cover on it.

Well, as I am listening to a play list on spotify. Gary Glitters Rock N Roll Part 2 played, which is what the Chiefs used to play after a TD. I heard it a lot in the Vermeil years. It got me pumped up and ready for Sunday. Then Start me Up by Rolling Stones.

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By Darin Gantt

Bills coach Sean McDermott gave it a shot. At least he didn’t double down on his mistake. McDermott just told reporters he was going back to Tyrod Taylor as his starting quarterback this week against the Chiefs, as opposed to continuing the ill-fated Nathan Peterman experiment. Peterman was, simply put, awful last week, throwing five [more]
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By Josh Alper

The Chiefs surprised many people when they fired General Manager John Dorsey in June and replaced him with his deputy Brett Veach, including Dorsey himself. Dorsey said he was “just a caretaker,” but told Adam Schefter of ESPN that the firing after four years on the job still surprised him “a little bit” while appearing [more]
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I usually don’t start threads (not my thing) I like to post comments after someone posts them. I would like peoples “real” thoughts about the Chiefs (& the post season. If we get there) It seems like we always been a “defensive” team for years & we come out of the gate swinging with the “O” Why is it that when one side of the ball “we’re good” Think of Vermeil & Trent Green, yet our “D” sucked! Remember that Indy game?

I sit here in Istanbul scratching my head. Why can’t we have both sides of the field? It’s Read more…

By Mike Florio

Every Monday during the season, we take a look back at the Sunday that was, and any relevant developments since then, via the PFT PM podcast, Five-Down Territory style. This Monday was no different, albeit a little later than usual. But better never than late, or something. Check it out below. If you do, you’ll [more]
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By Josh Alper

The Chiefs lost 12-9 in overtime to the Giants on Sunday afternoon to move to 6-4 on the season and continue a run of disappointing play after their 5-0 start to the year. Any loss that sees an offense go without a touchdown is painful and that’s especially true when the opponents came into the [more]
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