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By ctchiefsfan

The “Houston Question” is bugging all Chiefs fans. No doubt about that. So I will try to offer some thoughts on the situation…

#1) Nobody knows what Houston is demanding in terms of a long term deal. But it seems to be safe to say that it’s at LEAST somewhere in the range of $16 to $18 million per year (cap hit) with somewhere close to 50% guaranteed.

#2) Can the Chiefs afford that? With the projected salary cap increases over the next few years it seems certain that the Chiefs could pay that kind of money.

#3) But can the Chiefs REALLY Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

Gates and Richardson of the Jets suspended 4 games tested positive for performance inhancing drugs

Courtesy of Arrowhead Pride

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates has been handed a 4-game suspension by the NFL after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance.


In what will very likely be Antonio Gates’ final season with the San Diego Chargers, if not his last season in the NFL, the San Diego Chargers future Hall of Fame TE will miss a quarter of the team’s games and get marked down as a user of Performance-Enhancing Substances.

Because this offseason couldn’t get any worse for Chargers fans, right?

This is Read more…

By Frankenchief









2015: Guaranteed for skill, injury & salary cap
2016: $14.75 million guaranteed for injury; $7.375 million skill and salary cap at signing; $7.375 million skill and salary cap on 5th day of 2016 league year
2017: $12.25 million guaranteed for injury; skill & salary cap on 5th day of 2016 league year

What do you think?

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By Josh Alper

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin had some familiarity with the Chiefs’ offensive scheme when he arrived in Kansas City this offseason because of his past working relationship with coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, but he’d never played with quarterback Alex Smith. Maclin says that the two men clicked during the spring and that…
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By Mike Florio

The Broncos enjoy a loyal fan base, with 349 consecutive sellouts dating back to 1970. To ensure that the sellouts will continue, the Broncos have introduced a new strategy for moving single-game tickets that go on sale July 8. According to Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post, the Broncos will join the variable pricing trend, grouping…
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By Josh Alper

We haven’t heard much about wide receiver/kick returner Josh Cribbs since the Colts released him in May, but he says he’s heard from a few teams about possibly coming on board for the 2015 season. Cribbs told Jeremy Fowler of said that he’s received inquiries from the Jaguars, Patriots and Chiefs since hitting the…
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By NickheadKCAU

think about it…

he has only been efficient because hes never had anyone to throw the long ball to?

a game manager means he is dealing with the tools provided.

is it possible were he in a donkey uniform the last two years he would have eclipsed 4000 yards?

i think we underestimate alex.

if he had the same teams as say peyton or brees, he would put up the same numbers. Read more…

By Chiefs4life24

Brian Davidson/Getty Images
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Pretty much every conversation about the Chiefs’ playoff potential centers around their offense.

Even the most cynical fans and analysts see the Chiefs have built a very good defense with a legitimate shot at being scary. There’s no doubt they’ll make some quarterbacks miserable, and there’s a decent shot the run defense shores up enough to keep teams from abusing them on the ground.

But there are a lot of question marks with the offense. After Jeremy Maclin the Chiefs boast a series of “well, if…” players. Those are guys who you have to always Read more…

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