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By ctchiefsfan

Chiefs just signed UDFA Lavance Taylor…..AFTER he tweeted them a “highlights film” or so the media says.

I know it’s only a highlights vid, but I like the kid’s gumption. Hope he can EARN a spot on the roster.
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By ctchiefsfan

These Alex Smith threads usually annoy me, but I’m always willing to listen to a real Chiefs fan rather than some random Smith-hating troll.

So I had a little time on my hands and decided to see how one of the most successful QBs these last 3 years compares with Alex Smith.

I’m not saying this “proves” anything and I don’t expect to change anybody’s “opinion” but hey…..Wilson has 3 years in the NFL and he has a pretty impressive record. 5 playoff wins. 2 Super Bowl appearances. 1 Super Bowl win. NOBODY is going to say that Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

Y’know, being a Chiefs fan from New England I just plain naturally despise the splats, jets and gints. Just because I get them thrown in my face all the time. Just like I hated the scumskins when I lived in the Washington, DC area.

So I am glad for anything that hurts the splats.

But other than that, does anyone here give a damn about the PSI in the footballs?

I suppose that if the splats had beaten the colts in that game by 1 point or something then a case could be made that this was a big deal. Read more…

By Josh Alper

Chiefs safety Eric Berry met the media after his return to practice on Wednesday and sent a message of determination that explains why he’s back to work less than a year after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Berry was flanked by his parents, who he thanked along with the Chiefs, his teammates and many others…
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