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By N TX Dave

How did we end up with two Offensive Linemen, Morse and Fisher? Morse was out for a concussion while Fisher was out with a head neck injury. To answer the last question maybe they would have put in Anthony Sherman, he says he likes to block and he has played safety.

From Arrowhead Pride.

The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is playing well enough against a tough Buffalo Bills team but injuries are becoming a problem. After losing LG Jeff Allen and LT Eric Fisher, the Chiefs announce that C Mitch Morse has a concussion. Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

19-30-255. No interceptions. 2 touchdowns. 112.5 rating. He added 35 yards with his legs so a combined 290 yards. And this against a Bills Defense that was supposed to be Hot Ship.

No matter who you are that is a pretty damned good game.

In addition, Alex had 6 passes (that’s 31.5% of his completions) go for 15 yards are more. He had 4 (21%) that went for 32 yards or more. And most if not all of the 30+ yard completions were virtually all in the air not short throws with a long run.

Only slight Read more…

By brdempsey69

With Buffalo and Pittsburgh losing today and the Chiefs winning, the Pats-Donkeys game does create some worthy interest, as this game could loom large when it is all said and done, at season’s end.

Go Pats and beat those Denver Dinkeys or Donkeys or whatever one wants to call them scumbags. Read more…

By Josh Alper

The Chiefs rallied to beat the Bills 30-22 on Sunday, extending their winning streak to five games and improving their record to 6-5 on the season. The win didn’t come without some setbacks, however. Linebacker Justin Houston was forced out of the game in the first half with a knee injury. After the game, coach…
Read more…

By Frankenchief

In no particular order:

They say the great Mohammad Ali was never the same after winning the Thrilla In Manila. Ali and Frazier took so much punishment from each other that for the rest of their careers they were reduced to mere mortals for the rest of their careers. Well today’s Dread In Arrowhead could have that effect for the rest of this season for both teams involved. I’m dreading the final injury report. Especially heading into Oakland next week. Losing Justin Houston, Jeff Allen, Mitch Morse, and the emerging Eric Fisher may end up being more than this team Read more…

By matthewschiefs

Well that happened.

What started looking VERY ugly ended up looking pretty good minus a thing here or there.

Weather. It did not look to me like this team adjusted well to the weather at the start of the game. I noticed they were slipping around a lot. It got better as the game went. But that was a part of the VERY ugly start IMO. They have to adjust better to weather. There’s a good chance they will face it again going forward.

Adjustments. The past few years as soon as you were needing a Chiefs team to make an Read more…

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