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By jap1

Now that Berry is back and practicing, I wonder what the plan is for the safety position.

Right now we have Abdullah and Parker as starters and Berry and Branch backing them up, with a couple other guys in there (Sanders, etc). We have four guys who (assuming Berry is back to his old self) could be legitimate starters.

I think Abdullah has the FS spot locked down, as he is really the only one of them who seems most natural in the center fielder type role as FS. He is good at reading the QB, while keeping a lid over top.

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By ctchiefsfan

Chiefs just signed UDFA Lavance Taylor…..AFTER he tweeted them a “highlights film” or so the media says.

I know it’s only a highlights vid, but I like the kid’s gumption. Hope he can EARN a spot on the roster.
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By ctchiefsfan

These Alex Smith threads usually annoy me, but I’m always willing to listen to a real Chiefs fan rather than some random Smith-hating troll.

So I had a little time on my hands and decided to see how one of the most successful QBs these last 3 years compares with Alex Smith.

I’m not saying this “proves” anything and I don’t expect to change anybody’s “opinion” but hey…..Wilson has 3 years in the NFL and he has a pretty impressive record. 5 playoff wins. 2 Super Bowl appearances. 1 Super Bowl win. NOBODY is going to say that Read more…

By ctchiefsfan

Y’know, being a Chiefs fan from New England I just plain naturally despise the splats, jets and gints. Just because I get them thrown in my face all the time. Just like I hated the scumskins when I lived in the Washington, DC area.

So I am glad for anything that hurts the splats.

But other than that, does anyone here give a damn about the PSI in the footballs?

I suppose that if the splats had beaten the colts in that game by 1 point or something then a case could be made that this was a big deal. Read more…

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