Just wanted to get the Nick Foles talk going. I don’t think that people outside of Philadelphia realize just how good this kid is. There’s an assumption that because he was a 3rd round pick who played for a bad team (unlike Wilson, who was lucky enough to play for a good team) that he’s just a typical 3rd round pick – no big deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Nick Foles is BETTER than ANY QB in this draft! If you could get him from Philly for a 3rd round pick (which is the rumor, with Kelly looking for more mobile QBs) it would be a STEAL and you would have your franchise QB of the future.

A few numbers (provided by Reuben Frank of csnphilly.com and Les Bowen of philly.com). Nick Foles is the ONLY rookie QB in NFL HISTORY to throw for more than 240 yards/game AND complete over 60% of his passes. Only one EVER! For people who say they saw him throw interceptions, he ranks 2nd ALL TIME in fewest interceptions per pass attempt for an NFL rookie. EVER! He’s ranked 5th all time in rookie completion percentage behind four QBs who played on teams that mostly ran, and third all time in total yards per game behind QBs he had better QB ratings than and higher completion percentages than. He had a higher QB rating last year than Andrew Luck and many other highly regarded NFL QBs.

A poll was taken by Comcast Philly asking, “Who should the Eagles starting QB be next year?” Amongst the people who watched him play, 48% said, “Nick Foles, 24% said “Michael Vick” and 25% said “some one else”. This from the fan base of a team that also has a very high draft pick (#4 overall) and even more cap space than the Chiefs to find their QB. And btw, it’s also notoriously the most negative and impossible to please fan base, and they love the dude.

There’s a huge movement in KC to reach for a QB #1 just because you can. This guy is better than any QB in the draft and you can get him for much less. When and if Reid/Dorsey decide to trade for Foles, and I suspect they will because they’re bright guys, do NOT be disappointed.

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