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  1. Some dude named colline
  2. Chiefs Waive Gaither
  3. Jaguars having a huge day and not in all good way
  4. next year..............again
  5. David Mims added to 53 man roster
  6. Are you ready to see more of Tyler Palko?
  7. Football Gameplan's Week 13 Chiefs vs Bears Preview Video
  8. kcchiefs.com says orton and palko both ready to be starter
  9. Way to early Draft Scenarios...
  10. Well, once again it's the Palko show
  11. I'm predicting 5-11 what are the consequences
  12. Chargers to fire coach & GM at end of season
  13. "Official" Chiefs (4-7) vs. Bears (7-4) Game Day Thread
  14. glad we got the win but
  15. Trade Value of Matt Cassel
  16. Does Orton have a record?
  17. Throwing short of the 1st down on 3rd down..
  18. Pass Rush? What Pass Rush?
  19. Nicfre's 2012 KC Mock Draft (Version 1.0)
  20. Defense
  21. This is what we need.....
  22. 3-4 De
  23. Another Jared Gaither thread
  24. Vote Justin Houston NFL Rookie Of The Week
  25. Any one going to the new york for the game?
  26. 4 Games left how does the West play out?
  27. This is Hilarious....
  28. Latest low blow to the Ego
  29. Packers @ Chiefs 12/18 - Packers Fan
  30. Football Gameplan's Week 14 Chiefs vs Jets Preview Video
  31. Charlie Weis to the Jayhawks??
  32. Orton doubtful
  33. Here is why the Chiefs are aweome
  34. Official Chiefs (5-7) at Jets (7-5) Gameday Thread
  35. New 2012 NFL Mock Draft
  36. We just got Dirty Sanchezed
  37. Defend Haley now
  38. It's officially time to sart thinking about next year...
  39. If you got to ask 1 Question to Haley after the game
  40. haley almost brought stanzi in
  41. Estimated Draft Position
  42. Governor of kansas city fed up with haley and palko
  43. Todd Haley Fired
  44. Todd Haley Fired
  45. Talking about josh mcdaniels as coach on nfl network
  46. Romeo Interm
  47. Romeo Crenell named interium
  48. Questions
  49. Gruden
  50. Unofficial Who should be our next head coach thread!
  51. Who will be our next coach?
  52. supposed final straw against haley was fall out with bowe
  53. Coaching Hunt Competition
  54. So what does Romeo do now?
  55. Haley was thinking about Quitting
  56. I'm really starting to not like Pioli
  57. Cowher won't be coaching in 2012
  58. THis is a no brainer. I want fisher not mcdaniels
  59. If we can't get a good coach
  60. The best Christmas gift EVER!!!!
  61. There is a light at the end of the tunnell
  62. Crennell wants to be head coach next year
  63. Pioli takes responsiblity for lack of depth
  64. pretty funny
  65. Bill muir needs to go
  66. Who should our 1st draft pick be?
  67. On a more POSITIVE NOTE
  68. Football Gameplan's Week 15 Chiefs vs Packers Preview Video
  69. Orton Starts if Healthy, if not it is Stanzi
  70. Quarterback change!
  71. Top 4 Quaterbacks Stats and Predictions
  72. Link on orton starting since other one didn't have it
  73. Thursday ESPN show audibles will have Haley on
  74. I don't want RGIII and no I'm not crazy
  75. some information on coach
  76. It Looks Like Orton is Healthy
  77. The MAID...
  78. We need WR's too...
  79. Offensive Line
  80. Hey KC fans
  81. crennell the leader
  82. Orton will probably start sunday
  83. Cowher doesnt want to coach
  84. crennel knows sabby pistechli sucks to
  85. CHIEFS vs Packers
  86. Will bowe be a chiefs next year?
  87. Orton starting qb sunday
  88. Did ESPN move to Denver?
  89. A hypothetical draft scenario ...
  90. Pro Bowl Voting
  91. Bill muir going back to coaches box lol
  92. Don't know if this is legit but
  93. Brandon Weeden is a sleeper QB draft pick
  94. Official Chiefs (5-8) vs. Packers (13-0) Gameday Thread
  95. Palko inactive against Packers
  96. Online feed
  97. Palko inactive against the packers with link
  98. orton better then cassel
  99. Did Crennel Just Win the Job?
  100. The important things we learned today:
  101. Gotta love the neck beard
  102. Big time props Chiefs fans!
  103. Sign Bowe Long Term
  104. Kyle Orton interview
  105. Congrats!
  106. My Take on the Chiefs Win Today (If anyone cares)
  107. I think I might be a B_ffalo fan
  108. The Light at the End of the Tunnel
  109. Congrats to you guys!
  110. Okay we beat the Packers...Now what?
  111. Playoffs
  112. The Chiefs O-line Sucks???
  113. Orton might be back here next year.
  114. Jeff fisher coach of chiefs supposebly done deal
  115. Intresting article and look what pioli says
  116. OC during GB Game
  117. Christmas Eve predictions?
  118. Raiders vs Chiefs.
  119. 3 Telltale Signs that the World May Be Coming To An End
  120. what should be our biggest need this offseason
  121. Thanks Chief fans
  122. Football Gameplan's Week 16 Chiefs vs Raiders Preview Video
  123. Who is Kyle Orton?
  124. We had better blow out Denver at home.
  125. Crennel says who starter will be if we win next 2 games and
  126. crennel locked at 80-90% chance of being chiefs coach
  127. Cassel always had better WR's then Orton
  128. KC Chiefs Merry Christmas
  129. Just how good Carr/Flowers have been
  130. Barkley To Stay At Usc!
  131. Bill muir and hali want crenel as hc
  132. Did the draft just get more complicated?
  133. The Boss man just handed me the company tickets
  134. To all the orton bandwagoners and thats exactly what u are.
  135. Chiefs Keys To Victory.
  136. Official Chiefs (6-8) vs. Raiders (7-7) Game Day Thread
  137. Wow!
  138. Well...Buffalo did their part! Sigh...
  139. we had it won
  140. If the lions beat the chargers....
  141. I hope muir
  142. Orton is still better
  143. Lets be real
  144. Norv Turner.....
  145. Can we trade up to get first pick?
  146. or not... The Bleacher Report grades KC's starters
  147. DJ and Hali selected for the pro bowl
  148. The end all, be all Cassel/orton debate thread....
  149. my off the wall qb solution
  150. Jackie Battle Hurt?
  151. Rumour Mill: RGIII and Landry Jones MAY stay in School
  152. Football Gameplan's Week 17 Chiefs vs Broncos Preview Video
  153. AFC Seeding Possibilities
  154. Offseason Needs: OG Edition
  155. Stanzi.....
  156. Chiefs extend Ryan Succop
  157. Since stanzi brought up. A nice video on him
  158. Players that drove us fans nuts this season
  159. Schiler extended for another year
  160. Official Chiefs (6-9) at Broncos (7-8) Game Day Thread
  161. Out For Vengeance
  162. 1 O'Clock games
  163. Thank God it's over!
  164. Looking ahead to the draft
  165. A look at this team
  166. I expect bill muir
  167. QB challenge 2012 edition
  168. KC wants to bring back orton 2012
  169. Thank You, Casey
  170. Dontrari Poe NT Memphis
  171. mcdaniels will not be hc of chiefs for sure
  172. Any Bowe News?
  173. Look for a QB or O-line?
  174. signs pointing to crennell
  175. Aj smith and norv turner staying in sd
  176. Matt Flynn
  177. Look in the cupboard before you make a grocery list
  178. Good news for Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders fans...
  179. Predicting QBs chances in NFL
  180. Under the radar **MUST SEE**
  181. Under the radar **MUST SEE**
  182. Gradecard: Scott Pioli - D
  183. My offseason plan (Jan. 4, 2012)
  184. Packers O.Coordinator to be interviewed
  185. RB's: Ray Rice
  186. Romeo's Job
  187. Just a thought
  188. looks like the chiefs already interviewed jeff fisher
  189. Our crappy 3-4 Defensive Ends
  190. The Kansas City Shuffle...
  191. Coaching Search
  192. No mcdaniels as hc or oc
  193. Where's our "elite" coach?
  194. Jack Del Rio to interview for Chiefs job. WHY??
  195. chiefs intrested to interview mike mularky the falcons oc
  196. Haley back to Cards???
  197. green bay reunion in kc?
  198. More mcdaniels news.. GOD hope it's not true
  199. NFL Draft 2012: Do You Really Need to Take a Running Back Early?
  200. No jack del rio or mcdoush in kc thank god
  201. Chiefs are planning to retain Romeo Crennel and remove interimtag
  202. ESPN reporting Crennel is to remain Chiefs head coach
  203. Crazy though. Hue jackson as Oc for ch9iefs
  204. Falcons vs. Giants // Steelers vs. Broncos - GameDay Thread
  205. Makes us look pretty good
  206. Crennell is the new head coach
  207. Marty
  208. Tackling Safeties
  209. First order of business for our new hc should be
  210. Offseason Needs: ILB Edition
  211. our new "players coach"
  212. Romeo's Defensive Record: For the Record
  213. Raiders fire Hue Jackson. New OC for chiefs?
  214. Rg3
  215. Pass Deflections
  216. Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer decides to leave
  217. Broncos win on Illegal play?
  218. Politically Correct View for Chiefs Crowd:Please join in!
  219. Espn thinks chiefs will pursue Hue Jackson
  220. Payton Manning
  221. Who stays and Who goes?
  222. Chiefs QB in suit for lost millions with Chicago Lawyers
  223. Mark Sanchez
  224. Music To My Ears!!
  225. Romeo tells the SiriusXM Blitz he will continue to call defense
  226. Trent Richardson
  227. Dwayne Bowe
  228. Johnathan Baldwin
  229. A couple things I would do if I were GM
  230. 5 Possibilites for the Kansas City Chiefs First-Round Pick
  231. Everyone read this Pioli is a Joke.
  232. Jermichael Finley, Free Agent
  233. 2012 NFL Free Agents (effective 1/12/2012)
  234. OC Position
  235. Our own Free Agents
  236. Is Matt Cassel a franchise QB?
  237. Veteran reciever to add:
  238. 5 Reasons We'll win the West next season
  239. Dwayne Bowe, Breaking Tackles
  240. The Chiefs may draft a QB, Report say's
  241. Branden Albert Continuing to Improve
  242. Offseason Needs: OT Edition
  243. Brian Daboll
  244. Congrats Brian Waters
  245. Thoughts about Championship Games
  246. Football Gameplan's 2012 NFL Mock Draft Video - January
  247. Cassel will be starter heading into training camp
  248. Wouldn't Mind This Pick
  249. Muir still wants to coach
  250. defensive tackle