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  1. Webnews: Jamal Adams wants Jets to make run at Dee Ford
  2. Webnews: Chris Simms makes a sideline cameo in Colts-Chiefs game
  3. Webnews: Arctic blast predicted to hit Kansas City this weekend
  4. Webnews: Josh McDaniels knows nothing of any late-season issues w
  5. Webnews: Andy Reid on facing the elements: “You go play”
  6. Webnews: Bears keep door open on possible future pursuit of Karee
  7. Webnews: Tom Brady is an underdog for first time since 2014
  8. Webnews: Sammy Watkins “felt pretty good” after long layoff
  9. Webnews: Happy 40th, Drew Brees
  10. Webnews: Patriots’ defense is better, and they’ll need it to be a
  11. Webnews: Chiefs activate Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
  12. Webnews: Patriots don’t have much experience on the road in the p
  13. Webnews: Bill Belichick: No better fast starting team than the Ch
  14. Webnews: Patriots ready for the cold, having spent many a January
  15. Webnews: Bill Belichick: Tyreek Hill’s speed makes him different
  16. I have 2 sets of tickets for sale - Sec 303 row 26 and 306 row 38
  17. Webnews: Andy Reid can be seventh coach to take two franchises to
  18. Webnews: Jerod Mayo wary of turf in Kansas City
  19. Webnews: Kansas City forecast for Sunday improves, a bit
  20. Webnews: Belichick says Reid is as good as any coach at adjusting
  21. Webnews: Eric Berry practicing on Wednesday
  22. Webnews: Belichick brushes off the “on to Cincinnati” game
  23. Webnews: AP All-Pro team credited votes for Taysom Hill to Tyreek
  24. Webnews: Andy Reid: Damien Williams has really stepped up
  25. Webnews: Julian Edelman posts #betagainstus video
  26. Webnews: Patriots have one player on the injury report
  27. Webnews: Eric Berry full, Spencer Ware limited in Chiefs practice
  28. Webnews: Tom Brady realizes that Patriots may have to roll the di
  29. Webnews: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif not sure if he’s returning to li
  30. Webnews: Kansas City forecast improves yet again
  31. Webnews: PFT’s conference championship picks
  32. Webnews: Andy Reid says Eric Berry is looking ready
  33. Webnews: Patriots have no one on their injury report
  34. Webnews: Chiefs looking healthy heading into Sunday’s game
  35. Webnews: Patriots brace for the latest attempt to contain Tyreek
  36. Webnews: Chiefs resod Arrowhead Stadium
  37. Webnews: Mahomes pushes back on talk that Brady is passing the to
  38. Webnews: Chiefs are throwing on first down more than any other te
  39. Webnews: Which non-quarterbacks will have the biggest impact this
  40. Webnews: Bill Belichick: There’s an anxiety before games every we
  41. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes fires up the marketing machine
  42. Webnews: Eric Berry on track to return this week
  43. Webnews: Patriots have a blank injury report
  44. Webnews: Eric Berry, Spencer Ware and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif off
  45. Webnews: Jason McCourty marvels at the skills of Patrick Mahomes
  46. Webnews: Damien Williams calls his run of success “the last thing
  47. Webnews: Justin Houston’s presence could swing Chiefs-Patriots re
  48. Webnews: Denico Autry fined for his conspicuous pelvic thrust
  49. Webnews: NFL fines J.J. Wilcox for horse collar tackle
  50. ***AFC Championship: Chiefs vs Patriots Official Game Day Thread*
  51. Webnews: NFL expected to suspend Kareem Hunt but allow him to ret
  52. Webnews: Chiefs will soon have to pay big money to keep their nuc
  53. Webnews: Shifting Kansas City forecast takes final shape
  54. Webnews: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is inactive, but Eric Berry will
  55. Webnews: Patriots dominate the Chiefs in the first quarter but le
  56. Webnews: Patriots off to a perfect start with 8-minute TD drive
  57. Webnews: Patriots shutout Chiefs in first half, lead 14-0
  58. Webnews: Chiefs get on scoreboard quickly in second half
  59. Webnews: Patriots get a field goal to go back up by two scores
  60. Webnews: Chiefs take their first lead after a Tom Brady intercept
  61. Webnews: Chiefs close to within 17-14
  62. Webnews: Damien Williams scores his third touchdown
  63. Webnews: Patriots regain lead on fourth-down touchdown run
  64. Webnews: AFC Championship Game headed to overtime
  65. Webnews: Patriots advance to yet another Super Bowl
  66. Post game Vs PATS Another year another heartbreak.
  67. Webnews: Dee Ford: “Just have to see the ball”
  68. The 2018-19 Chiefs
  69. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes on overtime: “It’s just how the coin tos
  70. Webnews: Andy Reid: Let the hurt carry through so you don’t exper
  71. Webnews: Tom Brady: Who could ever imagine this?
  72. Webnews: Both losing coaches got conservative at the ends of both
  73. Webnews: Julian Edelman: You have to have a short memory
  74. Webnews: Chiefs will pick 29th, Packers 30th in 2019 NFL Draft
  75. Webnews: Gronk: I’ve been fighting all year for moments like this
  76. Webnews: NFL announces 2019 London and Mexico City games
  77. Webnews: Early-window ratings down, late-window ratings up for Ch
  78. Webnews: Will Tom Brady walk off, if the Patriots win their sixth
  79. Webnews: Report: Eric Berry likely to have heel surgery
  80. Webnews: NFL needs to add a video official to every crew
  81. Webnews: Andy Reid takes issue with roughing, offsides penalties
  82. Change needed
  83. Webnews: Dee Ford: I can’t expect warning from official about lin
  84. Webnews: Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton’s future uncerta
  85. Webnews: Gronkowski is back, and nearly as good as ever
  86. Webnews: Andy Reid isn’t complaining about unfair overtime proced
  87. Webnews: NFL investigating laser pointed at Tom Brady during game
  88. Webnews: Dee Ford: It would be “very disappointing” not to keep p
  89. Webnews: Since NFL tweaked rule, most playoff overtimes ended on
  90. Sutton is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. Bob Sutton Relieved of Defensive Coordinator Duties
  92. Webnews: Report: Rex Ryan a possibility for KC coordinator job
  93. Webnews: Coin toss would remain important if OT rule is tweaked
  94. Webnews: Patriots ran more offensive plays than any team since 20
  95. Webnews: Bill Belichick on laser pointer in K.C.: We’re focused o
  96. Webnews: Report: Steve Spagnuolo “the favorite” to be KC defensiv
  97. Webnews: Bill Belichick highlights double covering Tyreek Hill as
  98. Webnews: Jerry Jones wonders why Julian Edelman’s muffed punt was
  99. Webnews: Dee Ford says he has no problem with the franchise tag
  100. Webnews: Englishwoman named Dee Ford harassed by angry Chiefs fan
  101. The new DC
  102. Webnews: Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator
  103. Webnews: Chiefs announce hiring of Steve Spagnuolo
  104. Webnews: Joe Montana makes investment in marijuana industry
  105. Webnews: Andy Reid didn’t call timeout when his defense needed it
  106. Webnews: Packers hire Mike Smith as outside linebackers coach
  107. Webnews: Matthew Slater’s faith in calling heads has paid off in
  108. Webnews: Chiefs wideout De’Anthony Thomas arrested on marijuana c
  109. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes wins Pro Bowl offensive MVP award
  110. Webnews: Raiders may draft a first-round quarterback, and keep De
  111. Webnews: Report: Jets won’t pursue Kareem Hunt
  112. Webnews: Eight million viewers watch Pro Bowl . . . for some reas
  113. Webnews: Marcus Peters: Rams like the Golden State Warriors
  114. Webnews: Deshaun Watson hopes he and Mahomes can be the next Brad
  115. Webnews: NFL committed to playing in Mexico to “grow the game”
  116. Webnews: Roger Goodell expects Kareem Hunt investigation to end s
  117. Webnews: Three first-timers among 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame
  118. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes wins offensive player of the year
  119. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes wins MVP award
  120. Hall of Fame 2019 Finalists
  121. Webnews: MVP voting has a surprise twist
  122. Webnews: Report: Chiefs identify, ban laser-wielding fan
  123. Webnews: Final 2019 NFL Draft order is settled
  124. Webnews: Patriots listed as early favorite to repeat by one bookm
  125. AAF?
  126. Webnews: Tony Gonzalez patches things up with Chiefs fans after A
  127. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes unveils personal brand, merchandise
  128. Webnews: Can an NFL team tell a player not to play basketball?
  129. Webnews: Chiefs G.M.: No more basketball for Patrick Mahomes
  130. Webnews: Brett Veach “excited” about bringing Dee Ford back
  131. Webnews: Most contracts contain language voiding guarantees for b
  132. Webnews: Chiefs expected to add Matt House as linebackers coach
  133. Webnews: Chiefs have plenty of contract concerns, now and in the
  134. Webnews: How will you remember the 2018 NFL season?
  135. Webnews: Report: Chiefs hiring David Merritt as secondary coach
  136. Hunt Return Possible??
  137. Webnews: Patriots lose defensive line coach to Kansas City
  138. Webnews: Matt House not going to Chiefs after all
  139. Webnews: Falcons hire Bob Sutton as senior assistant
  140. Webnews: Browns sign Kareem Hunt
  141. Webnews: Kareem Hunt “extremely grateful” for opportunity to earn
  142. Webnews: Browns did not talk to woman in video during “extensive
  143. Webnews: Bob Quinn: Lions considered Kareem Hunt, but decided the
  144. Webnews: Kareem Hunt deal gives Browns no financial risk
  145. Webnews: Matt House will be heading to the Chiefs, after all
  146. Webnews: Chiefs DBs coach Emmitt Thomas announces retirement
  147. Webnews: Kareem Hunt’s suspension will cost $62,941 per game
  148. TRADE!!! Broncos Agree to Flacco Trade
  149. Webnews: Chiefs owner Clark Hunt to head NFL financial committee
  150. Webnews: Al Michaels visits #PFTPM
  151. Webnews: Chiefs sign Justin Senior
  152. Webnews: PFT’s Free Agent Top 100
  153. Webnews: Which non-quarterbacks are worth a pair of first-round p
  154. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes glad to see Kareem Hunt with second chan
  155. Webnews: Report: Chiefs plan to use franchise tag on Dee Ford
  156. Webnews: Steve Spagnuolo: “Challenging and rewarding” to spend a
  157. Webnews: Steve Spagnuolo still working on how Dee Ford fits into
  158. Webnews: Spagnuolo’s comments may have been influenced by potenti
  159. Webnews: Clemson recruit suffers serious knee injury while playin
  160. Webnews: Chiefs sign E.J. Manuel, three others
  161. Webnews: One week later, only one tag
  162. Webnews: Andy Reid expects Kareem Hunt to take advantage of secon
  163. Webnews: Eric Berry isn’t expected to have heel surgery this offs
  164. Webnews: Justin Houston’s days in Kansas City seem to be numbered
  165. Webnews: Kliff Kingsbury: Patrick Mahomes landing with Andy Reid,
  166. Webnews: Brett Veach on Justin Houston: Everything’s fluid for ne
  167. Webnews: Mike Vick worked with Pat Mahomes as a rookie, said, “I’
  168. Webnews: Giants co-owner all in favor of team following “Kansas C
  169. Webnews: Chiefs will propose OT rule change guaranteeing both tea
  170. Off-season news updates
  171. Webnews: Travis Kelce undergoes ankle surgery
  172. Webnews: Chiefs franchise Dee Ford
  173. Webnews: Franchise tag fight could be looming for Chiefs and Dee
  174. Webnews: Report: Chiefs releasing Justin Houston
  175. Webnews: Chiefs make the tag of Dee Ford official
  176. Webnews: Patrick Mahomes jokes about ziplining, we think
  177. Webnews: Deadline passes with six franchise tags in place
  178. Webnews: Chiefs working on new deal for Tyreek Hill
  179. Chiefs 2019 pre-draft tracker: Interviews, Workouts, Meetings
  180. Webnews: Chiefs sign safety Harold Jones-Quartey
  181. Webnews: Chiefs propose major changes to overtime
  182. Chiefs Signing
  183. Webnews: Carlos Hyde to visit the Chiefs
  184. Broncos propose Alternative Onside Kickoff Rule
  185. Webnews: Packers, 49ers reportedly express interest in Dee Ford
  186. Webnews: Carlos Hyde joins the Chiefs
  187. Webnews: For how long will Antonio Brown be the highest paid rece
  188. Webnews: Chiefs’ Jeff Allen praises Antonio Brown for disrupting
  189. Webnews: Antonio Brown’s deal is better than the Sammy Watkins or
  190. Webnews: Chiefs announce Justin Houston’s release
  191. ***Official Chiefs Crowd Free Agency Tracker***
  192. Webnews: Chiefs starting center Mitch Morse heads to Bills
  193. Tyrann Mathieu to the Chiefs
  194. Webnews: Chiefs land Tryann Mathieu
  195. Webnews: Report: Mitch Morse becomes league’s highest-paid center
  196. Webnews: Tyrann Mathieu’s arrival likely means Eric Berry’s exit
  197. Webnews: Chiefs will sign Damien Wilson
  198. Webnews: Steven Nelson agrees to deal with Steelers
  199. Webnews: Report: 49ers, Chiefs discussing trade for Dee Ford
  200. Webnews: 49ers set to acquire Dee Ford
  201. Webnews: Browns set to sign Demetrius Harris
  202. Webnews: Dee Ford: I feel appreciated
  203. Eric Berry Released
  204. Webnews: Chiefs release Eric Berry
  205. Webnews: Ronald Darby visiting Chiefs tonight
  206. Webnews: Jason Verrett also has visits with Texans, Chiefs
  207. Webnews: Chiefs placed original-round tender on safety Jordan Luc
  208. Webnews: Allen Bailey visiting Patriots Thursday
  209. Webnews: Demetrius Harris gets two-years, $6 million from Browns
  210. Webnews: Report: Several teams showing interest in Markus Golden
  211. Webnews: Alex Okafor signs with Chiefs
  212. Webnews: Brett Veach: Chiefs are trying to be proactive with thei
  213. Webnews: Tyrann Mathieu: Joining the Chiefs was a “no-brainer”
  214. LB Damien Wilson signs with Chiefs
  215. Webnews: Kareem Hunt suspended eight games
  216. Webnews: Phillip Gaines re-signing with Browns
  217. omg t. hill may be I. deep trouble
  218. Webnews: Report: Tyreek Hill investigated in battery case on a ch
  219. Webnews: Aggravating factors raise the stakes for Tyreek Hill, dr
  220. Webnews: Police records show two recent reports of child abuse at
  221. Webnews: Darqueze Dennard visiting Kansas City
  222. Webnews: Kansas City Star calls for Chiefs to cut Tyreek Hill, if
  223. Webnews: Chiefs lose another offensive contributor
  224. Webnews: Earl Thomas was “shocked” by the Ravens’ offer
  225. Webnews: Lions meeting with Spencer Ware
  226. Reports say chiefs are signing bashaud breeland
  227. Webnews: Report: Bashaud Breeland to sign with Chiefs
  228. Webnews: Eric Berry visiting Cowboys
  229. Webnews: Mitch Morse sees similarities between Patrick Mahomes an
  230. Webnews: Report: Eric Berry wraps up Cowboys visit, expected to t
  231. Webnews: Jeff Heuerman calls the Broncos a playoff team in 2019
  232. Webnews: $26.8 million fully guaranteed at signing for Tyrann Mat
  233. Webnews: Report: Tyreek Hill’s name came up in trade talks at sta
  234. Webnews: Bengals in “full boil” talks to re-sign Darqueze Dennard
  235. Webnews: Raiders to sign Jordan Devey away from the Chiefs
  236. Webnews: Colts reach a deal with Justin Houston
  237. Webnews: Chiefs bringing back Anthony Sherman
  238. Webnews: Neal Sterling visited Chiefs
  239. Webnews: Art Rooney II seems to be in favor of proposed OT tweak
  240. Webnews: Andy Reid “forever grateful” to departed stars, but move
  241. Webnews: Here’s an overtime compromise that is sure to never be c
  242. Webnews: Jeremy Maclin announces retirement
  243. Webnews: Patriots still talking with Allen Bailey
  244. Webnews: Clark Hunt: OT change could apply to postseason only
  245. Webnews: Andy Reid on Tyreek Hill: We’re trying to figure out wha
  246. Webnews: Chiefs’ overtime proposal tabled until May
  247. Webnews: Chiefs, Chris Jones talking extension
  248. Webnews: Will potential overtime changes lead to more Mornhinweg
  249. Webnews: Chris Jones hopes to stay in K.C. for rest of career
  250. Webnews: Emmanuel Ogbah traded to Chiefs