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09-18-2009, 01:14 PM
It is great to be here on this forum. I am a life long Chiefs fan. I run the Rapture Ready Radio show and handle online advertising for my full time job.

My keys this season for the Chiefs are Brandon Flower become a pro bowl corner back and Matt Cassel showing strides every week off becoming a solid performer like he did in New England.

This revamped and changing offensive line gelling together quickly could help that immensely.

I would like to see Dwayne Bowe have break out year and not just because he is on my fantasy team! He is such a big target for Cassel and I know with Haley's leadership Bowe could be a star sooner than later.

We should see massive improvement from linebackers Mays and Johnson as the season goes on and that is key because the Chiefs have to find a way to plug those gaps on defense

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Hey there!

I hope you're right in your Chiefs forethoughts for this season! :)