View Full Version : KC Star : Nothing worse than a team that can't put pressure on the quarterback

09-20-2009, 01:40 AM
So, what’s the most frustrating experience in sports? It could be playing pool against a guy who doesn’t miss a shot. It could be watching a hometown pitcher who cannot throw a strike. It’s remarkably frustrating when your basketball team has open looks at the basket but can’t make shots, and remarkably frustrating when you’re hitting the golf ball beautifully but you can’t drop any putts. But I don’t think any frustration in sports touches the frustration of a hometown football team that cannot rush the passer. That is sheer agony. Watching a quarterback just stand there and stand there and then move a little to the right and then elude a tackler and stand and move back to the left and stand there and stand there … ugh. It’s like watching a nurse get ready to give you a shot — only the preparation lasts three hours. It’s horrifying, really.

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