View Full Version : Roscoe Parrish is on the block...

09-21-2009, 05:10 PM

"A league source tells PFT's Mike Florio that Parrish is on the trade block and he could be dealt as soon as the week."

"Possible destinations include the Chiefs, Jaguars, and Redskins."

09-21-2009, 05:27 PM
Don't know much about the guy except that hes a decent kick returner. But if fubbalo is looking to trade him for an offensive lineman (which I think they are), I don't see them trading with us!!

09-21-2009, 06:15 PM
He's a punt returner/slot receiver. We've got our guy in Wade.

09-21-2009, 07:32 PM
He's a punt returner/slot receiver. We've got our guy in Wade.

I don't trust Wade on PR. If anything I'd take Parrish over Quentin Lawrence and put the aforementioned on the PS and let Parrish take over the spot that Lawrence is taking on the active 53 man.

Or move Terrance Copper to PS and just have Quentin and Roscoe on the 53 man ahead of him.

09-21-2009, 08:32 PM
I'd like to have Roscoe on punt returns also, but do we really trade a draft pick for him? Punt returner is pretty far down there on our most pressing needs... I'd call a good punt returner more of a luxury than a necessity.

09-21-2009, 09:45 PM
Wade didnt look very good at all in the return game..

09-21-2009, 09:52 PM
Not looking to get rid of a draft pick, but we could trade a player.

09-22-2009, 02:42 AM
Evening AFC West news and notes (http://www.chiefscrowd.com/blog/afcwest/post/_/id/4245/evening-afc-west-news-and-notes-40)
September 21, 2009 9:55 PM
Posted by ESPN.comís Bill Williamson

<LI sizset="119" sizcache="0">San Diego coach Norv Turner warns that his team may not be as good (http://www3.signonsandiego.com/weblogs/chargers/2009/sep/21/norv-were-not-good/?chargers) quite yet as everyone expects them to be. The Chargers will have to adjust to several injuries. <LI sizset="120" sizcache="0">The Raiders are adjusting to playing up to six weeks (http://www.ibabuzz.com/oaklandraiders/2009/09/21/cable-mulling-options-at-left-guard/) without guard Robert Gallery, who has a broken fibula.
The Chiefs worked out cornerback/return man Justin Miller on Friday
Before agreeing to terms with San Diego on Monday, defensive tackle Alfonso Boone considered signing with Carolina. But Boone was excited about playing for San Diego defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who he played for in Chicago.
Looks like the Chiefs are looking at Miller (Have seen several people hoping this would happen, and it appears that Alfonso Boone is now employed, and with the Chargers at that.

09-22-2009, 07:48 PM
The reason there are so many available WR's is that well.. there are so many that can be that 4th/5th/special teams guy.

We have plenty of those. Pass.