View Full Version : Yahoo News : Chiefs are Redskins' latest winless opponent (AP)

10-17-2009, 12:07 AM
The Washington Redskins had been reciting the same line every week for a month. Struggling teams are the worst to play, the saying goes, because they're desperate and unpredictable. Enough of that political correctness. The Redskins are themselves a desperate team now. They have no problem saying out loud that they should've been beating all these winless teams, and -- now that the cream-puff...

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10-17-2009, 10:07 AM
There's another reason we're gonna win. The Chiefs have NEVER been 0-6 before. :) Plus we're 6-1 all time vs. Washington. And the Titans were 0-5 in 2006 and then played at Washington and won.

This sports writer says, "If anything, the Redskins (2-3) are much more desperate than the Chiefs." That seems peculiar to say, since the Chiefs are 0-5. And lost 28 of 30. Yet the Skins are much more desperate to win this game? I guess he figures the Skins have more expectations to make the playoffs than the Chiefs.

But the Skins haven't been a winner since the original Gibbs era from '82-'92. Since '93 the Skins are 116-146.
With only 5 winning records (all not by much: 8-7-1, 9-7, 9-7, 10-6, and 10-6). And only three playoff berths (and all were wild cards. So they haven't won their division since 1991). Yet every season, including this one, there's talk about how they might finally be real good. I guess some think Snyder's $$$ should be inevitably leading to greatness. But this year looks like they're the worst Skins team of his tenure instead.