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Connie Jo
12-08-2009, 12:16 AM
Okay, so we lost to the Donkey's. I can empathize with the upset and criticism among the threads, but in reality...most games come and go, will be forgotten for the most part by next season, especially considering the losing year we've had.

That said...the most important aspect for me with this particular game, that will never be forgotten by me personally...were the historic moments during the half time ceremony retiring DT's #58. I'm not sure, were y'all able to watch from home on TV the half time ceremony in DT's honor retiring his jersey #58?

Doesn't matter how many times I see DT's photos and watch live game footage, of which were shown on Arrowhead's big screens intermittingly during the game, and consistently during the half time ceremony of course...I miss him that much more, and it's as if he's alive, healthy, and still playing for the Chiefs! DT lives on forever as a Chief and person in my heart.

We lost a game to Denver...but we won yesterday in a much more important way of which Denver did not, through remembering DT...his career, his HOF Induction this year, and the official retiring of his jersey. No loss to Denver can take away from witnessing such a historic Chiefs event for a player as great and honorable as DT.

I highly doubt the Mountain Jacka**es will ever be able to claim the caliber of player DT was in any of their players past, present, or future, as DT was one of a kind. What made DT so special was his heart...on the field and off. I take solice in the fact that one of DT's most famed records was against the Donkey's...he sacked their beloved Elway more than any other QB in the NFL! YEEHAW!!

I take solice in the fact that many Donkey fans were pissed that DT was inducted and their nominated player, Shannon Sharpe was overlooked! YEEHAW!

Donkey fan's spewed insults right and left following the finalist's announcement...towards Chiefs fan's and DT. They won an insignificant game yesterday all considered, but they were reminded throughout the game our DT was inducted and their guy wasn't...DT 'SACKED' some of their victory spotlight yesterday.

The Donkeys aren't a team of which are thought of honorably in principle & ethics among fans throughout the NFL...the Chiefs are however. We'll be back someday as a winning team, and Denver can eat cow patties...what goes around comes around...always!


12-08-2009, 12:30 AM
Like I have said, I thought the whole thing was dissapointing. i guess I was expecting something different.

12-08-2009, 12:32 AM
Very well said Connie!

Connie Jo
12-08-2009, 12:39 AM
Like I have said, I thought the whole thing was dissapointing. i guess I was expecting something different.

The only part of the ceremony I was disappointed in was that there was not a flyover in DT's honorable memory. Tammie noted the lack of a flyover first, and it would've been awesome, as well as appropriate had they done one.

I can't be disappointed overall however with witnessing a historic Chiefs moment, especially related to my all time fav Chief!! There were by far more positives I came away with from attending yesterday's game than not, and of memorable priceless value...relating to not only DT, but great Chiefs friends as well!!