View Full Version : Another road trip

12-27-2009, 09:07 PM
Well my son and I, and at least 3 other Chiefs fans (that's all I counted) were present for the game. Amazing we find ways to lose, even when the other team doesn't seem to care if they win. At first I thought there were a lot of Chiefs fans, but all the red turned out to be University of Cincinnati or Cin. Reds jackets. At least they have decent fans there, unlike all of our Cleveland visits. But chock up another road trip loss for us. ugh. The bright side, was spending a day with my son. Just wish they could have built on some of the success they were having.

Connie Jo
12-28-2009, 11:55 AM
I'm happy that you were able to spend the day with your son, create memories. Win or lose, I agree...spending time with family is always the most important aspect of attending a game for me as well.

Possibly they did build on some of the success, it's just not apparent to us yet as fans. Considering as fans, we don't always have the behind the scenes, or behind closed doors insight coaching staff does. Every game we play, win or lose...hopefully is providing our coaches & Pioli, management...valuable knowledge, and with that they're in thought paying attention, taking notes, and will make the necessary improvements to build the future 'Super Bowl' Chiefs team!

Hey, it doesn't hurt to 'hope'...does it? :)