View Full Version : Chiefs/Browns Game-My German Chiefs Fan!

Connie Jo
01-10-2010, 10:41 PM
With the busy holidays I didn't think to share these few pics taken when I attended the Chiefs/Browns game 12/20.

My friend Robert is from Germany. He married my friends sister 20 yrs ago, which is when we met. Robert's wife teaches school at the US Army base in Germany, which is how they met. They continue to live in Germany with their two son's.

Robert played college football in Germany. He became a fan of Nebraska first, of which many players later became Chiefs, resulting in his also becoming a Chiefs fan...prior to meeting my friends sister & marrying. Robert & I became good Chiefs friends over the years, keeping in 'Chiefs' touch by phone, haha.

Robert, along with his wife & boys come to the States to visit family every other summer, but this year they made a special visit over the holidays. The rare visit allowed us to attend a Chiefs game together. It was only Robert's 2nd time attending a game, his first regular season game, and his son's very first visit to Arrowhead...they're being raised Chiefs fans of course, haha.

This first pic is of Robert, his boys, and me. We didn't take many pics. A few pics show how empty Arrowhead was. I felt badly that Robert and his son's visit to Arrowhead wasn't how it use to be...sold out, but we had a great time creating priceless memories regardless of negative factor's. :D