View Full Version : Rrrrrr Uuuuuuuu Ready!!!!!

03-24-2010, 10:50 PM
HELL YEAH! Korn is coming back to town! I can't wait, its gonna be on the Jagermiester tour.

Who is has seen Korn? I seen em 2 times.

YouTube- KoRn-Blind

03-24-2010, 10:50 PM
I'm a fan, never seen them live though.

03-24-2010, 10:54 PM
They are pretty good. Crowd gets into it.

03-25-2010, 07:46 AM
Ive seen them 7 times and met them twice!! This is one of the coolest things that ever happened to me.

For those who don't know me, Im a paramedic.

I was going in to work on nights a few years ago and a couple of me buddies called me up and told me that Korn was coming to the local radio station were I live to do an interview. I got excited as I am a juge Korn fan, so I took my hand drawn poster of Korn to work with me that night. I did a call at about 7 pm and then got back into my truck. I flipped on the radio and started listening to Korn. I decided to try and call the radio station and surprisingly I got through. I was talking to the guys in the band and I told them that I was a paramedic and I had this poster that I wanted autographed. They said if I cme in with lights and sirens going, they would sign it. It took me about three mins to get to the station and when I pulled up, everyone got out of my way. I stepped out of my truck and they all came out of the radio station. They came and signed the poster and we got tons of pics taken. I talked with them for about 20 minutes. Finally my dispatcher called and sent me out to go on a standby. I shook their hands and said goodbye and went out on standby. (waiting for a call)

I was so pumped I couldnt stop yapping to my partner. No sooner had we gotten to our standby and grabbed a coffee when I got a call. So, Im driving down the service road beside the highway, lights and sirens blazing when I looked to my left and there were two tour busses with three of the guys from the bank hanging out the window screaming and yelling!! For the first time in my life Korn was at my job cheering for me!! It made the rest of me night!! Great band and they put on a wicked show!!

03-25-2010, 12:09 PM
Awesome story Canada.