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04-17-2010, 01:22 PM
A precursor, I'm terribly bored at work on a Saturday, so I've spent some time watching youtube:

As the draft draws closer and closer I keep thinking that our Chiefs are going to surprise the Heck out of us again. I started thinking that our pass rush is critical and feel pioli is looking at our front seven. Since we took a lineman last year, I reviewd four possible 1st round DE/OLB prospects (granted youtube highlight/lowlight clips...quite a few of them) and feel there is one who could be taken at #5. Not because he's worth #5, but because we NEED LB depth amongst a trillion other needs. So I reviewd Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul, Everson Griffen and Brandon Graham. From my perspective, JPP and Everson Griffen are 2nd round players at best. I don't know what the hype is about. JPP looked confused at times and really didn't explode off the ball. He also seemed to give up on plays a lot. Everson Griffen is unbelievably slow everywhere on the field. He's got a good motor, but that doesn't make up for his lack of speed. Even if they're available in the 2nd round, the Chiefs would be wise to avoid drafting them. Derrick Morgan shows some promise. He's lightning quick off the snap, but he relies on his speed or bull rush to get to the qb. I don't believe this will translate very quickly in the NFL. He will have to work very diligently on his technique if he's to beat NFL lineman. But he has a very strong upside, not #5 upside, but good upside. Last, but not least, Brandon Graham. This guy looks like a pro. Not only is he quick off the line, but he has a variety of finesse and power moves to beat lineman (and NFL lineman IMO). He doesn't ever seem to stop working. If Pioli is looking for a pass rusher with our #5 pick, I believe this guy would be an excellent pick. Is he worth #5, maybe not. But if Pioli likes him enough, he'll get him since he definitely won't be there in round 2. It's all about drafting your guy.

What do you, my Chiefs brethren, think?

04-17-2010, 01:55 PM
JPP 2nd round at best? He'll be a top 10 pick.

04-17-2010, 02:41 PM
I know he will, because he's an athletic freak. But watch some of his highlights/lowlights clips. In my opinion, he shouldn't be a top 10 pick. He's got some talent, but I think he'll need a lot of coaching to be a good NFL player.