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04-24-2010, 08:36 AM
I like it.

You don't need me to talk a lot about the Berry pick. Some love it, some don't. I love it. I don't think we could have upgraded more at any one position with another pick, while also adding arguably the most talented player in the draft.

Now onto the 2nd round. I was scratching my head for a bit after the McCluster and Arenas picks. "Don't we need a nose tackle? Someone to rush the passer besides Hali?"

But really what it comes down to is that McCluster will be our version of Percy Harvin. What McCluster reminds me of is what you would get if you took Harvin, Wes Welker, and Darren Sproles and mixed them all together. Ignore the RB label. He is going to be primarily our slot receiver, and resembles Welker the most. He doesn't have elite straight line speed, but he reaches full speed instantly, has no fears about going over the middle, and showed great hands catching passes either from the slot or out of the backfield.

Javier Arenas was the best return man in college football last season. We obviously need help in the return game, both on kickoffs and punts. He's probably never going to be covering guys out wide, but that job is going to be covered by Flowers and Carr, with Donald Washington hopefully backing them up. Arenas will be playing nickel, and from what I hear is very good at rushing the passer from that position. Still though, as a nickel corner/return guy, he is going to have to be an elite KR/PR for this to be a good pick.

Jon Asamoah was an awesome value + need pick. He is considered the 2nd best OG in the draft by most sites, behind Iupati, who was drafted in the middle of the 1st round. He will be starting at OG for us for a very long time. When Waters is gone, Lilja will likely start at LG with Asamoah at RG. He's very athletic and excels at pulling, which will make Charles look even better than he already does.

Admittedly, I don't know a ton about Tony Moeaki. I'm sure some of the Iowa fans here can tell you a lot more about him, but from I can gather he's had a lot of injury problems in college (kind of like Cottam did coming out), but whenever he's been on the field he's been awesome, and is a very good blocker too. I'm kind of thinking Tony Scheffler with better blocking ability.

We have yet to add a 2nd pass rusher, and it looks like we probably won't be adding another nose tackle unless we sign an undrafted one. I'm guessing Crennel really likes Shaun Smith and may be happy with the duo of Smith/Edwards for now. Hopefully our run defense will improve a lot with Crennel coordinating + the progression of Jackson/Dorsey, and the addition of Smith.

The thing with the pass rusher is that we don't really have an immediate need for a 3 down LOLB. Vrabel was probably the best player on our team against the run last season, so he is a lock for 1st and 2nd downs. We really just need a situational pass rusher, and we should be able to find one with one of our two picks left (we traded a 4th and 1 of our 5ths to get Moeaki). Watch for one of the following OLB prospects to be drafted by the Chiefs:

George Selvie
Thaddeus Gibson

Those are the guys we've shown interest in. Both are late round prospects.

Hopefully this gets some of the doubters a little more excited. Right now I'd rate our draft an A-.

04-24-2010, 08:47 AM
Nice post. And I appreciate your arguements. Maybe I'm just not seeing the big picture - that Pioli/Haley have something in mind to stop the run and get to the qb. I sure hope so...

04-24-2010, 08:59 AM
Nice post. And I appreciate your arguements. Maybe I'm just not seeing the big picture - that Pioli/Haley have something in mind to stop the run and get to the qb. I sure hope so...
I'm guessing they have something in store for all the fans! IMO they ARE some of the best coaching staff in the NFL (including Scott Pioli).