View Full Version : Bedtime Story of Fantasy Football!

Connie Jo
06-17-2010, 02:44 AM
I joined stricken's unnofficial Chiefs Crowd Yahoo FF League earlier today, and would like to join Coach's Yahoo League too when it's set up. 2007 was the last year I played Yahoo FF, which was only my 3rd year. It was also in Feb. of 2007 my x-hubby began to suffer from depression, the beginning of 3 year long ending for us...I neglected my 2007 FF team terribly as a result. I won't this year though!! I'm back! YEEHAW!

Playing FF again through Chiefs Crowd is triggering some fond memories as well...related to my first year playing FF! I want to share this story with y'all. It may be written too dorky, as I'm in a bit of a dork mood. I'm also gonna share it with my grandkids! :)

Once upon a time in Kid Rock forumland there were several boy's whom played Yahoo Fantasy Football each season. One late summer day a Leo the Lion girl from OZ happened along and saw the boys posting discussing set up of their Yahoo FF league for 2005. Now this girl from OZ told her dog Lily, whom was laying at her RED Nike slippered feet...that she wanted to play Fantasy Football too! Oh, but she was a bit too intimidated to ask if she could play too, as she had never played Fantasy Football before. She also noted there were no girls in the league, and was not sure if the boys would want to include a girl.

The next day the girl visited the Wizard of Kid Rock forumland and told him that although she was a Leo Lion, she was also a Virgo having been born on the cusp of Leo, and as such she did not have the courage of a full Lion. She asked the Wizard to give her more courage so she would not be afraid to ask the boys if she could play on their Fantasy Football League. The Wizard happily granted her request, and with boosted courage she then asked the boys if she could play! The boys first asked her if she had played before, and she told them no, but promised that she was a quick learner! After they joked some about her being a 'rookie'...the boys agreed to let her join their league, saying in jest that her rookie team would be easily beaten.

A couple of weeks passed and the time arrived for the leagues Live Draft. Having never played or drafted before, the girl was not exactly sure how it all worked. She decided she would follow her heart, and draft mostly players from her beloved Kansas City Chiefs. After all, she was more familiar with their skill and talent than any other team!

The Live Draft began, and as it was taking place the boys chatted live between their draft pick turns. The girl did not join the chat, as she was focused on the draft process itself, not wanting to make a mistake and appear foolish. She did read some of the chat comments however, noting that the boys were criticizing and making fun of her draft picks. They most all predicted she would finish last in the league due to picking mostly Chiefs players! The girl felt a mix of emotions reading the comments, a bit of humiliation, frustration, maddness, but also much pride in knowing that even if she did finish last in the league, she had followed her heart believing the many Chiefs players she drafted were worthy of her pick!

In the first round she chose her favorite Tight End Tony Gonzalez, cause she knew no one would draft the QB she wanted in the 1st round. Next she chose QB Trent Green, then Wide Receiver Eddie Kennison, she also chose the Chiefs Defense, which drew much laughter from the boys! She had faith in Jared Allen, and Dante Hall included in Defense on Special Teams! She chose Lawrence Tynes as her starting Kicker, knowing he was one of the best in the NFL! She also drafted a fairly unknown young 2nd string Runningback. Knowing Chiefs player history, her thought was starting RB Holmes in the previous season was slowing down some, and had become injury prone...she had a hunch Priest might be injured, and the 2nd string RB would take over.

The match up games began, and in a bit of awe the boys noted that the girls dominate Chiefs team held it's own. Soon came the unexpected, a break out season of the 2nd string Runningback she had drafted! Her very talented QB Trent Green, but under-recognized for such, was having another record season! Several other of her Chiefs players were doing well also! Even her made fun of Chiefs Defense didn't do as badly as thought! The end of the season approached, and the girls team made the playoff rounds! She was so very proud making the playoffs with her beloved Chiefs players she had faith in from the beginning!

Oh my, but yet another dilemma the girl rookie was to face as she amazingly advanced to the Championship game. Her heart fell to the pit of her tummy doing flip flops, the moment she learned who her opponent was to be in the Championship match up. Her opponent was the Wonderful Wizard of Kid Rock forumland himself! The Wizard was one of her dearest friends, and he had given her the boost of courage so many weeks before that she needed to join the league! The Wizard was also the proud boastful Champion from the previous season! Her heart told her that her Chiefs would beat the Wizard, but that did not make her happy.

She desired victory for her Chiefs, and for herself...but she did not want victory over her friend the Wizard! She knew the Wizard had a healthy ego, and feared it would be bruised if she won the Championship. A choice of principle and conscience she needed to make...should she go for the Championship? Should she make a deliberate attempt to lose, sparing her dear friend the Wizard potential ridicule and humiliation from his fellow league members and friends...who at times were brutal with such.