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06-24-2010, 04:27 PM
know I dont come around that regular but just a little gift...

i been cuttin up alot of these videos lately...

if anyone is interested in just having the whole file shoot me a PM...if i dont answer back soon enough shoot me an email...


the whole file is in avi format...

YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 1 of 7)
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 2 of 7)
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 3 of 7)
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 4 of 7).avi
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 5 of 7).avi
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 6 of 7).avi
YouTube- America's Game - 1969 Kansas City Chiefs (Part 7 of 7).avi

06-24-2010, 07:29 PM

Connie Jo
06-27-2010, 04:11 AM
OH MY!! Is it just me, being a girl getting all sentimental & emotional when watching these videos? First the goose bumps came, & seconds later my eyes filled with tears...happy, proud, and sad tears too.

I thought of my dad...remembering and witnessing how excited he was the day the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. I didn't really 'get it' until that day, I was only 13 then...my red & gold was truly inherited that day. I hope my dad is looking down on me from heaven, and is proud of my Chiefs heritage he passed on so many years ago, and proud of me for passing it on to my kids & grandkids too. :)

When I saw Otis Taylor my tears were sad ones. I believe Otis deserves induction into the NFL HOF, and over the years have joined many petition efforts attempting to encourage his induction. All efforts failed, and as more years have passed I fear he's been forgotten by many, including the HOF.

I met Otis, chatted with him quite a bit. He was at Westridge Mall in Topeka for an autograph signing a few years ago. I was sad for him, because there were no long lines formed waiting to meet him, like there is with many others. In fact, only myself and another fan were there while I was present...which was when he arrived. I watched him walk towards the signing table, sit down. It was sadly apparent the years of football had taken their toll on his body...as he walks with much difficulty, back bent over, and appears to be in pain when walking. I thought to myself when seeing him...this man didn't make the big money, he sacrificed himself, his body...for the love of the game, literally, & for the fans too.

I thanked him for his sacrifices, for his contribution to my cherished memories of my dad & his love for 'his' Chiefs. I thanked him for his efforts with winning Super Bowl IV, making that day one of the happiest days of my dads life that I remember. I thanked him on behalf of myself too. The honor I felt meeting him was intense, & I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. I'm also blessed, in that I'm old enough to remember and know who the true legends of the Chiefs are, as well as remember their winning Super Bowl IV.

I wanna go back in time...but of course that's not possible. These video's however, took me back in spirit and memories, and that's mighty darn close to going back in time, haha. Thank you for sharing them. :)

06-27-2010, 09:50 PM
no problemo..

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Did you get my PM?