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Two neurosurgeons speak to Cheap NFL Jerseys (http://www.nfl2shop.com/), players association, teams about safety Hopkins Medicine conference

WASHINGTON The NFL needs a "culture change" -- and perhaps major modifications to helmets, injury-reporting procedures and practice rules -- to better protect players from head injuries, two prominent neurosurgeons said Wednesday.

"We're at that tipping point where there is probably going to have to be an enormous culture change that occurs that will happen over years," Richard G. Ellenbogen, co-chairman of the NFL's Medical Committee on Head, Neck and Spine, told reporters after a one-day, league-financed educational conference.

"The youth athletes are looking to the professionals as role models, and the professionals now realize if they don't do it right, the kids aren't going to do it right," said Ellenbogen, a University of Washington professor.

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