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Connie Jo
08-23-2010, 07:38 PM
Chiefs coach Todd Haley indicated Monday that the neck injury suffered by DB Maurice Leggett in Saturday's preseason game is not serious.

"There's nothing spinal related," confirmed Haley. Leggett was taken off the field on a stretcher Saturday night with what appeared to be a serious injury. The Chiefs' nickel back is expected to resume practicing in short order.

Prayers answered!! :yahoo:

08-23-2010, 07:40 PM
Good news!

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08-24-2010, 12:10 AM
Very Good news!

Any time there's an apparent injury to the neck they always secure the injured player's head and neck as a precautionary measure before going to the hospital.

A good practice.

08-24-2010, 05:03 AM
That's great news!