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Connie Jo
09-04-2010, 06:42 PM
~ A Magnificent Breathtaking Perfect Rainbow Reflects Blessing's at Arrowhead ~
(short story)

The week before last my bestest Chiefs buddy and friend, Kelly, called and asked if I wanted to meet him in Kansas City and attend the Chiefs pre-season game against the Packers at Arrowhead. Well, that in itself was a blessing, as I don't have the opportunity to see and spend time with my friend Kelly often. He lives in Wisconsin, but his career brings him to Kansas City every so often, and if his hectic work schedule permits, we're able to spend some time together. This week was one of those times, and we were able to make plans to attend the game together.

Although Kelly lives in Wisconsin, he is a loyal dedicated Kansas City Chiefs fan. He has a passion for collecting vintage Chiefs memorabilia, which is how I originally met him...he purchased some Chiefs memorabilia from me in the Spring of 2009. I made arrangements with him to pick up the item's in person, to avoid risk of damage that often comes with shipping fragile item's. Through a mutual passion for the Chiefs our friendship has evolved over the last year and a half. Passionate Chiefs fan's seem to always have an ability to become friends naturally through mutual love of our Chiefs, and such was the case for Kelly and I.

This past May...Kelly called and asked if I wanted to share Season Tickets with him. The Chiefs organization was offering a promotional price on Season Tickets, and included in the promotion was a complimentary personalized brick paver, of which was to be laid in the beautiful walkway entrance area of the new Founders Plaza at Arrowhead. I have been a loyal Chiefs fan for four decades, three of those as an adult, but I have never been blessed with having an opportunity to become a Season Ticket holder. I am very grateful to Kelly for initiating the opportunity, as I indeed became a Season Ticket holder as a result.

Kelly arranged for us to each have our own personalized brick paver, of which on mine I chose to have inscribed with...Connie Jo Emery...In Memory Of...Derrick Thomas. Kelly had his inscribed with his and his children's name's. We were both excited with anticipation at the thought of being able to see our inscribed brick pavers for the first time while attending the pre-season game against the Packers. Although a very small part by comparison, our personalized bricks incorporate us in to Arrowheads permanent history, yet another blessing indeed.

As I drove to Kansas City Thursday afternoon to meet Kelly at his hotel East of Arrowhead, it appeared as if we might be attending the game having to tolerate thunder storm's and occasional downpour's. Upon arrival at Kelly's hotel the rain temporarily stopped, though the skies above remained threatening. As I entered Kelly's hotel room I found him with the familiar eager smile and bright eyes that usually accompany him in anticipation of attending a Chiefs game or activity, both of which I had missed seeing during the off season. Spending time with Kelly is reminiscent to that of comforting soul food, his friendship is a blessing of which brings a smile to my heart, and comforts my at times weary soul.

After visiting for a bit at the hotel, we then began our short journey to Arrowhead Stadium. We arrived at Arrowhead around 5 P.M., two hours prior to scheduled game kickoff, early enough that we were able to park not far from the stadium. As is traditional, tailgating was already underway among many enthusiastic fan's throughout the parking lot's. Mother Nature was taunting with an occasional sprinkle of rain, but overall tailgater's were remaining dry.

Kelly's preference was for us to simply relax sitting in the truck sharing a few beers and conversation, rather than join other's tailgating, of which was cool with me as well. As we lowered the truck window's the famous Arrowhead tailgate aroma's filled the truck, yet another comfort to my sense's. Around 6:15 a brief downpour began, by 6:30 it had ended, and we decided to make our way into the stadium.

As I stepped out of the truck I turned to see the most beautiful HUGE end to end perfect rainbow I may have ever seen...it was truly magnificent and breathtaking! With excitement similar to that of a child no doubt, I turned back towards Kelly and said, "Oh my gawd, Kelly look, look at the rainbow!!" Kelly replied, "did you bring your camera with you?", of which I replied, "yep, I sure did!" The rainbow end to end was so wide however, it wasn't possible for me to capture the rainbow in it's entirity, nevertheless, I made an effort to photograph the perfect Heaven sent rainbow, as it overlooked Arrowhead from the East facing the stadiums front entrance.

The rainbow stayed in tact for several minute's prior to dissipating, and no doubt the majority of Chiefs fan's witnessing the magnificent rainbow felt as I did...that the rainbow overlooking Arrowhead was spiritually symbolic of a blessing being bestowed upon Arrowhead and us Chiefs fans, a sign of good thing's to come, haha. There were a couple of Packer jersey wearing fan's parked beside us, and in a tone of friendly jest I approached and told them, "Hey guy's, I'm sorry for your loss, but it's still gonna be a good game even though you're destined to lose, haha." They laughed replying with jestful opposing view comment's...I then pointed to the rainbow saying, "that rainbow tells me you don't have a chance, the outcome has been pre-determined, you lose, hahaha." We continued chatting with the friendly Packer fan's for a few minute's, then Kelly and I began walking to the stadium. As the rainbow dissipated it seemed to take storm clouds with it, the sun began to shine and not long after the night sky revealed stars, as well the night became rather chilly reminding that Fall is indeed upon us.

As we took our Season Ticket reserved seats I was immediately impressed with the view our seats presented us of the field below. Prior to becoming a Season Ticket holder we typically had random seats in lower level, so I wasn't accustom to viewing the field from upper level...I love it! An added bonus is Kelly chose end seats, a comfortable convenience with coming and going from our seats when need be during the game. I introduced myself to the couple in the seats to the left of ours, of whom are also Season Ticket holders, telling me they're from Salina. As Chiefs fan's habitually do, we quickly became friends in Chiefs spirit, haha. I invited them and their friend's with seats nearby, to join our Chiefs Crowd website tailgating event taking place at Arrowhead celebrating the season opener, and return of Monday Night Football to Arrowhead. They asked me how to locate our tailgate group in the parking lot, and I told them to look for the group with the large Canadian flag flying, hahaha. My Chiefs buddy Dave, aka "Canada" at Chiefs Crowd, traditionally flies his Canadian flag when tailgating at Arrowhead in representation of his Canadian Chiefs fan pride.

I had an awesome time witnessing our Chiefs offense and defense play very well overall! I especially enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes when our defensive player's sack the opponents Quarterback, which always brings forth reminiscent thought's re-living the glory day's of my all time favorite Chiefs player's, the legendary NFL HOF Linebacker's Bobby Bell and Derrick Thomas (RIP). There was never a thought of doubt in my mind that we would lose the game, as with witnessing the rainbow prior to the game it had spoken clearly in spiritual silent beauty removing any doubt, hahaha.

As halftime approached, Kelly and I decided with it being a pre-season game to take advantage of a lessor crowd in attendance, and walk around the "New Arrowhead" discovering all there was to see. I was in awe, as it truly is a beautiful stadium with much of the renovation design focus directly relating to the historic aspects of my beloved legendary AFL Chiefs, later merging into the NFL becoming my beloved AFC Chiefs. It is my personal opinion, of which I know is mutually shared by many other's, that Chiefs founder and owner, Lamar Hunt (RIP)...was the most influential man in NFL history. Had it not been for Lamar's vision and determination with founding the AFL, followed by his major role in merger negotiations of the AFL and NFL, his inspiring thought's of a "Super Sunday", now known as "Super Bowl Sunday"...his dominating participation and influence with bringing live televised game's to major network's, and so many more contribution's...the NFL would not be as we've come to know it today.

The Kansas City Chiefs organization is one of, if not the most respected in the NFL. The "New Arrowhead" is reflective of the history behind why the Chiefs organization and franchise have earned and deserve such a high level of respect. As a lifelong dedicated fan, there is a feeling of euphoria and pride that surfaces when one's eyes absorb the Chiefs history incorporated into the overall design of the "New Arrowhead"...at every turn, with every step one takes. Many memorie's of past historic season's and glory day's are ever present while discovering the "New Arrowhead", some of which bring teary eyes to a deeply passionate fan such as myself. The "New Arrowhead" tells quite a historic and legendary story of the honorable and admirable Lamar Hunt, the Hunt family, the legendary and dedicated men who coached and those who wore Chiefs uniform's with pride, giving their heart and soul to the game and often community...the story told at Arrowhead through design concept is simply beautiful to the eye and mind.

Kelly and I made our way outside to the new "Founders Plaza" area, of which we began to seek our personalized brick pavers...neglecting to bring the locater map emailed to me by the Chiefs front offices, it took us a few minute's to locate our bricks, but remaining determined we found them! In fact, Kelly noticed his as I was standing on it, saying, "hey, there it is, you're stepping on my brick!" hahaha. Soon after we located mine not far from Kelly's. I'm sure Kelly felt the same sense of pride that I did when seeing my name incorporated into the historic "New Arrowhead". We left the Founders Plaza returning to the truck, turned the radio to 101.1 The Fox, and listened to the final moment's of the game. Chiefs 17 - Packers 13...in it's magnificent silent beauty, as the rainbow blessing bestowed upon Arrowhead and Chiefs fan's prior to the game had predicted...our beloved Chiefs won the game.

Kelly and I returned to his hotel, and upon a arrival I noticed the Green Bay Packers jersey wearing fan I had encountered earlier in the lobby when arriving at Kelly's hotel, we had friendly razzed one another's team a bit, haha. I told him to listen for me, that I would be the fan yelling the loudest and beating the seat the hardest attempting to help my Chiefs defense. A problem I discovered later with intimidating my spirited efforts was the couple sitting in the seats directly in front of ours...they were lifeless and emotionless zombie's...not showing a tidbit of emotion when the Chiefs scored or sacked the Packers QB. I simply can not comprehend how any fan could be lifeless and emotionless attending a game, haha. The couple was wearing neither teams gear, so I assumed their attending the game might have been a 'fluke' of some sort, haha. Judging from their lack of spirit, I naturally assumed they would not appreciate me banging upon their seat back, nor hollering loudly directly behind them, so I respectively limited my enthusiasm as much as possible, haha.

The Packers fan and his Chiefs fan buddy back at the hotel, were leaning on their vehicle enjoying an after game beer. Kelly said he wanted to sit in the truck and have another beer prior to going inside the hotel, myself in no hurry to get home I shut the truck off and lowered the window's. Kelly went to his vehicle to retrieve something, and the Packers fan hollered out to me, "I heard you yelling helping your defense, you did a good job, it worked!", hahaha. I walked over and began chatting with the fella's, Kelly did as well soon after. We chatted for about a half hour or so, then I decided I should begin the long two hour drive back home. As with most people, I hate goodbyes, but it wasn't as tough this time to hug my friend Kelly goodbye, as he will be returning to Kansas City in a week with plans to attend the Season Opener and Monday Night Football game at Arrowhead, of which I also have plans to attend.

The two hour drive back home was a very tiring one, my energy somewhat drained from the overall excitement of the day's event's. The priceless cherished memorie's created however, were each a blessing of which I'm grateful, and made the long drive down and back home of no value by comparison. I anxiously await the day I will witness a rainbow miracle all my own, and be blessed with the opportunity to relocate in the Kansas City North suburban area. My drive to Arrowhead Stadium will be under a half hour each way once my hope for the future becomes a reality. Hopefully that blessing will be bestowed upon me sooner rather than later...in the meantime, a Chiefs fan does what a Chiefs fan must chasing rainbow's, attending game's and spending time creating priceless memorie's with cherished friend's and fellow fan's.

09-04-2010, 06:56 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It sounded like you had a great time. I kept hearing about the rainbow, I bet it was awesome to see in person. Hopefully we will get some of the same blessings come MNF.

Connie Jo
09-04-2010, 07:04 PM
I'm uploading the pics that relate to the story now into photobucket. Will post in this same thread, which include pic's of the rainbow. :)

Connie Jo
09-04-2010, 07:24 PM



This is approaching one side of the "Hall of Honor" within Arrowhead:


The Hall of Honor is similar in concept to that of the NFL HOF Museum in Canton, but personally I feel Arrowheads efforts are more impressive to showcase the Chiefs NFL HOF members, as well those Chiefs that are members of the Chiefs Hall of Fame only, such as Otis Taylor. For one thing, the colors are vibrant RED!! hahaha :)

The shirt I'm wearing above is a bit too big for me really, but I love it. I neglected to straighten it's collar prior to picture taking, haha. It's a rare vintage circa 1970 mens shirt, of which was manufactured in limited qauntities honoring Super Bowl IV Champion MVP QB Len Dawson, of course, haha.



These photo's were taken from my Season Ticket seat.




Connie Jo
09-05-2010, 02:58 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It sounded like you had a great time. I kept hearing about the rainbow, I bet it was awesome to see in person. Hopefully we will get some of the same blessings come MNF.

Thank you!! I appreciate your reading it, and your feedback. As an apprentice writer opinions of the reader matter to me. One of these days maybe I'll become good enough at writing stories I'll have the confidence to submit stories to publications. Right now I'm just practicing, trying to develop overall skill with writing about whatever experiences I'm inspired to tell. They say practice makes perfect...I've much room for improvement, haha...but I am improving! :)

I need to familiarize myself with rules of proper comma placement & such...been too many years & I become confused at times, haha.

09-07-2010, 02:01 AM
Awesome pics Connie! There's not a bad seat in that place!