View Full Version : The Truth

10-10-2010, 06:16 PM
Make this post 7 but isnt that what these threads are for ? We beat ourselves plain and simple dropped passes , A few bone head coaching decisions and we walk away with a loss but i don't care what anyone says about injuries ont he colts Defense they had thier offense going and we did not allow Manning to score a TD at home now I am not sure of the stats on Manning not having a Td at home but I imagine they are pretty astronimical in that he throws at least 2 when they are at home. Cassell aggervates me with some decision making issues but he did not lose us the game today I mean we can sit here and say what if all day, What if We kicked a FG and made it on fourth then D Bowe caught that TD pass? Tied ballgame but we cant all we can do is say that our defense played a really good game and our offense needs some work but I look at the bright side and two more wins means we are better than last year :D and honestly after Houston I see us going at least 5-3 with some easy teams coming into Arrowhead and playing against some not so stellar teams such as Arizona and Seattle the only games I am not counting as wins are the Raiders and Broncos on the road just because we know how the AFC west is sometimes on the road and no matter how bad a team is they can play well against each other at home. I seriously can see us going 12-4 or at worse 9-7 and winning our division I have high hopes that we will finsih the year strong and people will take notice. WE just have to understand you cant win them all