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Connie Jo
10-14-2010, 11:04 PM
To my friends here...there have been some positive developments with my plans to move to Kansas City. One development is a major victory over an even more major obstacle preventing my plans to move before winters cold. Prayers were answered, a HUGE blessing bestowed upon me. No, I've not sold my house, the blessing relates to another major obstacle preventing my move.

I do have a couple who looked at my house last week returning to look again tomorrow morning. My realtor is confident they will make an offer at some point, but I don't have the legal right to accept an offer without my 'x's approval, as he owns a 50% equity interest in the house & land. I was awarded residential possession is all. My Kansas Aid atty hasn't filed the petition with the court yet asking the judge to grant me the right to accept a lower price for my house. It's been 30 days since I filled out paperwork, signed affadavits, but the atty went on vacation, had other priorites his secretary said. He doesn't get paid unless my house sells, so it's to his advantage to get moving with this!

The 'x' is refusing to sell it for less than what 'he' wants, regardless of it being too high for current market trend, other negative factors. My living here in the isolated country, miles from the nearest small town is a risk to my health & survival overall. I'd not been put at risk if the 'x' had obeyed court orders, but he's in violation of every single one, has been for many months. The atty feels confident the judge will grant an order allowing me to accept a lower offer, especially considering evidence it's risking my health & life under the conditions I've been forced to as a result of the 'x' disobeying all court orders.

As well, the 'x' was ordered to maintain home insurance until it sold, which he's not done...that puts the house at risk the longer it remains unsold. I'm gonna call the atty again tomorrow, try to get him to file the petition filed, court date set. He has to drive a couple hrs round trip to the courthouse, so I think that's why he's not done so yet. The 'x' could play games with postponement delays, but we can't control that aspect much. :(

We need the judge to also approve a judgement against my 'x' for all the back investment compensation he owes me, which was money I earned, invested in him during our marriage. He also owes me money for using credit in my name only, then not paying the debt back the court ordered him to. We're hoping the judge will deduct that money owed me off my husbands 50% equity in the house...since he's hiding his self employment income to prevent my atty from getting money owed me the traditional ways.

The cut off for my internet satellite service is within a week of it's date now. There are several of you who have my cell phone if you want to call me some time to catch up that would be great. Please don't text however, as I don't have texting on my cell plan, never have had. My last cell bill included text charges, which I didn't know were extra. Thankfully it was only $11.00, haha. My cell is my original first from 2003, & doesn't text easy anyway, haha.

It appears much is happening at once & quickly to some extent. I'll admit I'm overwhelmed & scared some to move to Kansas City, leave behind the home I've spent the last 15 years designing, building, & finishing from the ground up. I'm prepared & ready however, as it is what is necessary for my survival financially and emotionally. I was raised in big cities, am a small town rural country transplant, since I married at 17 right after high school in 1972, graduating a year early. Honestly, I never did feel at home completely in this environment. I adapted well, I usually do to my surroundings, but at times this rural small town area reminds me of those you see in movies like Billy Jack, Walking Tall, or Roadhouse. Very narrowminded, prejudice, backwards logic, political self benefiting, gossipy, chauvinistic...many negatives. I bit my tongue often over the years, haha. There are good people here, some will remain friends & close to my heart for life, but I'm more than ready to leave and not ever live here again. It was his world, not mine...I simply sacrificed mine to be his wife.

Keep me in your prayers please...prayer is powerful, and prayers are answered daily. :)

10-15-2010, 01:08 AM
You were, specifically, in my prayers just today kiddo!

10-15-2010, 11:54 AM
You are always in our prayers Connie Jo! I just know everything is going to be fine. Keep your faith and it will keep you!

10-15-2010, 03:01 PM
keep the faith dude your in my prayers :)

10-15-2010, 05:11 PM
keep the faith dude your in my prayers :)

That actually is a dudette. :D

10-16-2010, 01:36 AM
You know, you have my prayers, for a positive solution to your current needs, and prayers not only for you but also all of your family.

Connie Jo
10-18-2010, 12:15 AM
Thanks y'all. Prayers are what I need more than anything, including for my family. It's really more emotionally difficult than one might think for me to move away from here. Sounds simple, but it's not, because I'll be moving away from my kids & grandkids. My daughter is more accepting of the thought than my son. He & I have one of those deep mother - son bonds, he's somewhat a momma's boy, but not in a sissy sense at all, haha.

I can see the fear, worry, and hurt in his eyes when he brings up in conversation a thought of my moving to KC.. His dad has already brought so much emotional suffering & unexpected negative change to all our lives. I feel guilty I'll be bringing him more change & heartbreak by moving to KC. Yet I also know if I don't, I'll never have inner serenity, security, emotional & physical well being again like I once had before this life transitional traumatic nightmare began. Those aspects for me will bring my kids more harm long term if I stay. They feel as if I'm the only parent they have now, and realistically that's true from an emotional support point of view...being for them to provide parental love & emotional support. I won't be able to do that efficiently staying here, sadly that is the reality as long as their dad lives in this area too. :(

Again, thank you for your prayers & support. ♥