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10-16-2010, 05:08 PM
Complete scores at Armchair Report (www.armchairreport.com)

We are a group of NFL Fans including the Chiefs. We decided to enter in every play for every game this season and keep track of each team in more detail. We enjoy the info. Its free and I hope you enjoy too. Last week our predictions were 9-5.

We ran the offense and defensive statistics through IVAN and it came up with some upsets this week. There are some injuries that removed variables from the formula This is definitely part of the reason there are upsets. That being said injuries alone can not account for a team getting upset. After all it is a team and adjustments need to be made by the coaching staff and players.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)are hosting the Cleveland Browns(1-4). The Steelers are coming off a bye week and Ben Roethlisberger should be back after his four game suspension. The team was winning with its defense and different backup quarterbacks. With Ben back they should win at home by 7 points.

The Detroit Lions (1-4) are coming off a big win but they should not put up the same numbers against the New York Giants(3-2). The Lions are a tougher team than people expect. The Giants will win a close game by 1 point.

The New Orleans Saints (3-2) travel to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1). The ball happy Saints from last year are only -1 on turnovers so far this year. Their offense is not near its potential. Tampa Bay is actually doing a lot better this year but the Saints should win by 7.

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) are hosting the Atlanta Falcons (4-1). This year the Eagles have yet to win at home(0-2). This trend should not continue. The Falcons offense is on fire this year and scored 113 points. The Eagles have scored 122 points. This game could go either way but the Eagles should win by 4. That may be generous.

The Chicago Bears(4-1) are back home hosting the Seattle Seahawks(2-2). The Bears offense is only as good as its offensive line can play. The Seahawks are a good team to keep building wins against. The Bears should win by 9 points.

This should be a tough game between the Miami Dolphins(2-2) and Green Bay Packers(3-2). First Aaron Rogers was out and now it looks like he is in. With Rogers the Packers should win by 3. Without Rogers they should loose by 3.

The San Diego Chargers(2-3) traveling to the St. Louis Rams(2-3) were upset by the Oakland Raiders last week. The Chargers are usually a slow starting team and the Rams are a catalyst for them to start winning. San Diego should be looking for respect. The Chargers should win by 7.

The Houston Texans(3-2) are playing a close game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are this years surprise team and have the potential to upset the Texans. Their defense is good and the running game is better than the passing game. They've only allowed 57 points. Chiefs should win by 1 point.

The Baltimore Ravens(4-1) are a tough team and one of the best in the NFL. They are traveling to the New England Patriots(3-1). The Patriots have made some strange moves with their receivers but their ability to score from anywhere on the field is an asset. They've scored 131 points. If Baltimore's Defense takes control Baltimore will win. New England is picked to win a close game by 4 points.

The battle between the Oakland Raiders(2-3) and the San Francisco 49ers(0-5) should be an interesting matchup. The Raiders shocked the San Diego Chargers last week and San Francisco has shocked everyone in the Bay area by going winless this year. San Francisco should finally win a close game by 3 points.

The New York Jets(4-1) are a dominant team taking on the Denver Broncos(2-3) at Denver. The Broncos are over matched against the New York Jets. The Jets should win by 7 points.

The Battle between the Dallas Cowboys(1-3) and the Minnesota Vikings(1-3) is a desperate game for both teams. The Vikings won last year at home but last year both teams were doing much better. The Vikings should win a close game at home even with an injured Brett Favre by 3 points.

The Indianapolis Colts(3-2) bounced back and beat the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Now traveling to Washington Redskins(3-2) the Skins should be tough. washington is actually -3 on net points this year. The Colts have a better offense but defense should win this game. Washington wins by 3 points.

The Jacksonville Jaguars(3-2) are hosting the Tennessee Titans(3-2). The Titans can score and have had several big plays this year. The Jaguars are -30 on their net points and will have a tough time keeping up with Tennessee. Tennessee wins by 4 points.

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