View Full Version : Look Whatís Going Right to Make Us 4-2.

10-25-2010, 06:12 PM
By KCChiefsTD

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 at home and 4-2 overall. Thatís music to my ears. Sure, the victory was over the Jacksonville Jaguars, who started a guy who hadnít won a start since 2001 in Todd Bouman. Bouman still threw for 222 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he also threw 2 interceptions, one of which was returned by Derrick Johnson for a touchdown.

Kansas City held Maurice Jones-Drew, one of the leagues premiere backs year in and year out, to just 47 yards on the ground. He did catch 5 passes for 74 yards and a score, but I much prefer to focus on the vast improvement from this year to last in our run defense. Kansas City gave up 156.5 yards per game all of last season, and threw 7 weeks, they have given up 89.7 yards per game. Thatís practically cutting the average in half, which for Kansas City is something unheard of in recent years.

We still gave up a large chunk of yardage to a 38-year-old quarterback who hasnít started since 2005, with the pass defense sitting at 243.8 yards per game, which is about on par with last yearís 232 yards per game. However, if you want to look at something thatís astounding in terms of year to year production, Kansas City put up a decent 120.6 yards per game last year, but are already sitting at 176.5 yards per game this year. 50 yards in a game can easily be the difference between a win and a loss, and that was the story yesterday.

Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones put up 236 yards and 2 scores, with a third added by backup back Jackie Battle. Even the aforementioned $63 million mistake Matt Cassel has been playing well, putting up 5 touchdowns and no picks the last two weeks, hooking up with our previously inept star receiver Dwayne Bowe for a few scores. To say the least, the offense has begun a stunning turnaround that only points upward. Iím fanatically excited for the weeks to come and although the Jaguars are likely not a playoff team, this humble fan hopes that Kansas City is a lock for this yearís postseason.

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