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11-18-2010, 08:42 AM
http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/images/imported/2010/11/67.jpg (http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft/schools/_/id/2345/oklahoma)Jeremy Beal

Outside Linebacker

Grading Scale (http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft/player/_/id/27213/jeremy-beal#)

Grading Scale

90-100 Grade
1st Round Round EquivalentA premier college player with all the physical tools to take over a game and play at a championship level. He demonstrates elite-to-rare NFL potential and rates in the top 5 players nationally at his position. A prospect with a grade of 99 or 100 is rare. Prospects carrying grades between 92-98 are considered mid-to-high first rounders, while prospects grading out between 90-91 are fringe first rounders.
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Big 12Conference
263 lbsWeight
—Arm Length
—Hand Size
29Overall Rank
3Positional Rank

2011 Draft Pick Info


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Overall Football Traits

Production12006: Redshirted. 2007: (13/2) 21 tackles, 5 TFL, 1 sack. 2008: (14/14) 61 tackles, 15.5 TFL, 8.5 sacks, 4 PBU 2009: (13/13) 70 tackles, 19 TFL, 11 sacks, 3 PBU, 1 INT.Height-Weight-Speed2Possesses above-average size and top-end speed for the position.Durability1Has appeared in all 40 career games and has made 27 consecutive starts entering the 2010 season.Intangibles2Very mature and grounded individual. Takes care of the little things needed to be successful at the game.1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal
Outside Linebacker Specific Traits

Instincts/Recognition2Football intelligence and overall awareness are above-average. Quickly finds the ball at the snap. Disciplined when having backside responsibility and does a nice job of closing down cutback lanes. Can sniff out screens and re-direct to get involved in play. Has the awareness to go for strip when attempting tackle.Strength/Toughness2Plays with leverage and does a nice job of stacking and controlling blockers. However, has just an average anchor and can struggles to hold ground when teams elect to run at him. Can be engulfed when caught in a phone booth situation against bigger and more massive OTs. Plays with a very high motor and fights to get through trash and finish plays.Range vs. Run3Overall range is adequate. Light on feet and changes directions well. Generally takes sound angles to the ball and wades through traffic well. Closing burst is good but can struggle to prevent speedier ball carriers from turning the corner on occasion.Tackling2Strong overall tackler. Does a nice job of wrapping up upon contact. Flashes ability to deliver heavy hit. Breaks down well in the open field but has some limitations when caught in one-on-one situations in space.3rd Down Capabilities3Biggest asset in this area will be as a pass rusher. Possesses a quick first step and displays ability to bend to cut the corner. Also flashes an effect double move back inside. Relentless working through blocks and closing burst is above-average. Athletic enough and has the awareness to hold up in underneath zone coverage. May have some limitations if locked up in man coverage with RB or TE.1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average

11-18-2010, 10:27 AM
I like it, but this pick will probably change 10 more times between now and April...

11-18-2010, 10:39 AM
if he is this good, he won't be there when we pick

70 chiefsfan70
11-18-2010, 11:51 AM
if he is this good, he won't be there when we pick

I think he is that good,and a very big need for the position to be filled, I've been watching this guy and is very exciting to watch except when he's against my team ,the MU Tigers, I'm with you, he won't be there for us.

And like its been said,still too early to get a serious mock draft.

11-18-2010, 12:06 PM
When are these guys going to figure out that we need a QB/WR more than defense?

11-18-2010, 12:24 PM
When are these guys going to figure out that we need a QB/WR more than defense?

Not saying that you are wrong there, but the debatable part becomes do you take a QB or WR in the 1st round?

One can make strong case about a pass rusher being the biggest need as the secondary does need help, and without a pass rush, the investment they made in Eric Berry could go down the drain.

11-18-2010, 12:44 PM
When are these guys going to figure out that we need a QB/WR more than defense?

I don't see any reason to draft a backup QB in the first round. Give Cassel some more weapons. He's tied for 4th amongst all QBs in TDs/ATT and INTs/ATT, 28 years old, and always improving his game. The Chiefs would be foolish to get rid of him...No rookie, not even one playing as good as Bradford this year, is going to come in and play better than Matt Cassel would. Let alone we'd probably be drafting mid first round. QB makes no sense. Draft one in the later rounds.

Love to see them grab a WR or pass rusher in the first round.

11-18-2010, 12:45 PM
When are these guys going to figure out that we need a QB/WR more than defense?

Wr for sure. I think we need to get a WR and then see what Cassle can do.

But we also do need help to get more of a pass rush. It would help this team big time.