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Connie Jo
03-30-2011, 02:54 AM
After the tremendous success of Kid Rock's inaugural Chillin The Most Cruise last April, he decided to have another this April. One of the theme nights this year is called "Represent Night". Suggested attire by Kid Rock and his cruise organizers is to wear clothing, or costume, representing our favorite sports team located within the city or region we live, therefore also representing where we're from.

This theme is perfect! I don't have to buy anything, since I already have all I need & then some to represent where I'm from & my favorite sports team! Kansas City Chiefs!! I know a few fellow cruisers who are also Chiefs fans, but I'm anxious to see how many there are I'm unfamiliar with!

I may go all out for this one...wearing my shiney punk rock, spiked hair RED wig, temporary tattoo's on my face, and so much more with accessorizing!

The other three theme nights are Mardi Gras, a Kid Rock look alike, and Hillbilly Stomp night. Kid Rock has a song called 'Hillbilly Stomp' off his 2003 CD Rock n Roll Pain Train. I'm participating dressing for the Hillbilly Stomp theme...I'll likely be the most patriotic hillbilly on the boat, hahaha. I think I'm doing Mardi Gras, already have something for it too, so don't need to buy anything. It's sure not going to be typical Mardi Gras attire/costume, hahaha. It's a fun surprise! YEEHAW!!

03-30-2011, 09:48 AM
You go girlie-o! :D