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08-10-2011, 06:31 PM
By DAVE SKRETTA AP Sports Writer

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08-10-2011, 07:09 PM
Suprisingly good article on Yahoo. I have been thinking for the past week that there were going to be a lot of injuries this pre-season and even regular season due to the missed time in training camp.

I must applaud Haley for the approach that he has taken to making sure the Chiefs are conditioned and ready to play. Last season nobody was injured with anything you would attribute to a lack of conditioning.

I remember a few years back under the Herm regime going to Houston from where I live (Mobile, AL) and watching Eddie Kennison catching the first pass from Huard, wide open, 10 steps from anyone and pulling a hamstring 20 yards later, untouched. What makes Herm Edwards opening his stupid mouth on the topic even more comical is that the Chiefs were notoriously out of shape on his watch.

I think we have to look at the preseason games this year as an extension of training camp and our emphasis must be on keeping players healthy. Let the rest of the league implode due to attrition while our guys are healthy. I think the mistake the other teams are making is that they are trying to do too much to make up for lost time. Unfortunately getting into football shape isn't like cramming for an exam at the last minute and there is no substitute for time.