View Full Version : I met James Reed #92 last night.

08-12-2011, 03:05 PM
So beginning of preseason I am sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, in my chiefs jersey and Chiefs hat, with cargo shorts on to proudly display my Chiefs tattoo. out of no where this huge guy comes over and tells me he like my jersey and hat, did not recognize him at this point, then I point out my awesome Tattoo and he is like, dude, I gotta get a picture of you, my father in law is a huge KC fan. I'm like ok cool. he then mentions that he never thought he'd find dedicated Chiefs fans in Dallas. and mentioned he played up there for two years. that is when I realize who just came up to talk to me! wow! how awesome is that! of course being from Dallas I then gave him a hard time for wearing a LeBron Jersey and we chatted about the sports for 15 minutes. What an awesome way to start the Preseason! GO CHIEFS!!