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12-02-2011, 01:23 PM
(This has to set a record for the longest poste ever haha... so readers beware)

Of course this is extremely to early to predict, it's always fun to look that the possibilities, and give opinions on how the off-season will lay out as it comes to building our team.

Understanding that a teams draft is highly dependent on other teams strategies as well as who is available/how much depth is left at other key position groups, etc. I have wasted my time and came up with 3 possible scenarios that I think have a possibility to happen as the Chiefs continue to build this team. Let me know your Thoughts....

Scenario 1 (Targeting 1st round QB):

Round1- Robert Griffen, QB Baylor
6'2" 220lbs 4:52 (40time)
Naturally athletic QB that has the pocket poise and patience to make throws down field before tucking the ball and running. With the athletic ability, can avoid pressure, and keep plays alive (a la Ben Rothlesgerger). An EXTREMELY intelligent prospect, that has 3.5 years of starting experience (would have 4 but was injured in game 3 of 2009 season and red shirted) True freshman season (2008) came off the bench on the 4th drive of the opening game, and took over the starting QB job for the remainder of the season receiving numerous awards and recognition including being named first-team freshman All-America by Sporting News and Rivals.com. Could allow this Chiefs offense to be dynamic, and improve the offensive line play with his ability to avoid pressure.

(Lanrdy Jones could also be an option if he is available and Griffen is not)

Round 2- Alameda Ta'mu, NT Washington
6'3" 337lbs
Has 4 years of experience. 42 starts in 50 games, received game time in all of the 50 games, and 7 of the games he didn't start were the first 7 games of his true freshman season. A beast run stopping NT who would command double teams to move. Could improve his pass rush, but 3-4 NT's are expected to post multiple sack seasons (ex: Casey Hampton). Could be the staple of our D-line for years to come, and vastly improve a D-line in dire need of help.

Round 3- Brandon Mosley, OT Auburn
6'5" 305lbs
Versitile and Athletic OT that was recruited out of High school as a TE/DE. Started as a TE at Coffeyville Community College (KS) for 2 seasons. Signed with Auburn in 2010 as a TE, but overtook the starting LOT (beating our other highly recruited prospects) job for the remaining 11 games of the 2010 season (including a start in the BCS championship). As far as I know, has started every game this season, and could project as a decent ROT option to compete with Richarson, or with his versatility and mobility potential, could transition to G to succeed Lilja.

Round 4- Vick Ballard, RB Mississippi State
5'11" 220 4:58 40 time
Thomas Jones is being phased out of the offensive game plan (although has had a spark the last 2 games) but we need to get younger at the position, and add competition, as I am not sure Jackie Battle is the answer to succeed Jones either. Ballard is a bruising between the tackles back that has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield as well. Is a team captain, and set a school record in 2010 notching 20 tds (19 rushing). Was 32 yards shy of posting a 1000 yard season in 2010, but passed the mark this season with 1,009 yards on 179 attempts (5.6 ypc). Plays in the tough SEC, and should transition easily to the NFL as RB is one of the easiest positions to transition to. could become the other have of the 1-2 punch we look for with him and Charles.

Round 5- Emanuel Acho, ILB Texas
6'2" 245lbs 4.78 40time
Excellent character and work ethic and Intelligent. Multiple first-team Academic All-Big 12 selection. Brother Sam drafted by the Arizona Cardinals last year. Reliable open field tackler, wrapping up ballcarriers and at times throwing them to the ground with aggression. Can cover backs out of the backfield. Will add Depth at the ILB position.

Top FA's to target in this scenario:

Curtis Lofton, ILB Atlanta Falcons
Would be a beast next to DJ. With the improved play of Houston, this addition would place our LB corps as one of the tops in the NFL, comparable to the Steelers.
(Another option: D'Quell Jackson,ILB Cleveland, has the history with and was drafted by Crennel.)

Brandon Merriweather, FS Chicago
We are in desperate need of Safety Depth, and with the prospects in the draft that I have looked at, it doesn't look like we will be in a position to get one that could make an impact until the later rounds. Merriweather has the history with Pioli, and would like to have a starting role somewhere, but is in a backup/rotational role already in Chicago. He could add depth behind Lewis, and allow us to not gasp when one of our safeties go down with an injury
(Another option: Brodney Pool, SS New York Jets, also has a history with Crennel after playing in Cleveland)

Ben Grubbs, OG Baltimore or Carl Nicks, OG New Orleans
our RG is set with Asamoah, Hudson looks primed to take over at Center. If we can draft someone to compete with Richardson at ROT, our biggest weakness on the line now points to Lilja (who is an undersized Guard). Both of these guys are much younger and bigger than Lilja, and could help solidify our O-line for years to come.

Scenario 2 (Targeting 1st round OT):

In this scenario, Pioli and the Coaching staff are set with the idea of Cassel or Orton remaining the QB for the next year or so.

Round 1- Reily Reiff, OT Iowa
6'6" 300lbs
A versatile talent at OT that earned multiple Freshman All-American notice for his play in 2009, as he started 11 of 13 games at left tackle, left guard, and right tackle. Took over the LOT position in 2010 after the spot being vacated by 2010 GB Packers 1st round selection Brian Bullagga. Pioli's relationship with Iowa head coach generated buzz in 2010 of the possibility of Bullagga becoming a chief, and we are likely to hear this buzz again with Reiff. The main reason I could put more weight on the buzz this off season is due to this quote from CBS Sports.com "Unlike Bulaga, however, there is little doubt that Reiff can play left tackle at the next level. He does have to improve his hand placement and lower-body strength to handle NFL-caliber defenders, but given his athleticism, tenacity in the run game, and relative youth, teams will have no problems projecting him as a solid first round prospect with considerable upside." With this pick it would allow us options on the O-line: Reif @ LOT, Albert @ LG. or Albert remaining at LOT, Reiff at ROT, and addressing LG in FA or Draft.

Round 2- Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M
6'4" 222lbs 4:65 40 time
Possesses strong athletic ability for the position. Started at wide receiver for the Aggies. his accuracy is impeccable for a guy who has played the position half a season at the NCAA level. NFL Draft Monsters.com scouting report quote: "Intangibles: Probably Tannehillís strongest area. Iíve havenít seen a kid jump out at me with the kind of ďitĒ factor that Tannehill has since Phillip Rivers (who shares the distinction with Peyton Manning of having the highest grade Iíve ever given a prospect). Tannehill is a winner, multi-dimensional athlete, intelligent, and by all accounts a strong leader in the huddle." This guy is probably the next best prospect after RG3. Would be able to set behind Cassel or Orton for a season or two and be primed to take over.

Round 3- Josh Champman, NT Alabama
6'1" 310 lbs
Overshadowed by the likes of Terrence Cody and Marcel Dareus, Chapman's ability to control the middle made life difficult for opposing offenses attempting to run the football. Possesses excellent weight room strength, Was the team's strongest player as early as his redshirt freshman season, owning a 480 pound bench press in 2008. He is now benching closer to 580 pounds, according to the Alabama strength and conditioning staff and has a 630 pound squat. Nick Saban has been known for developing excellent D-lineman, and Champan already has the experience in a 3-4 Defensive front. He and Powe would man out NT position.

Rounds 4 & 5 are the same as Scenario 1 as well as the FA targets remain similar with less of an emphasis on FA help with the O-line.

Scenario 3 (Targeting 1st round ILB):

Round 1- Mante' Teo, ILB Notre Dame or Donta' Hightower, ILB Alabama
Teo' of course is the top rated ILB with Hightower falling shortly behind. Both would pair nicely next to DJ and help solidify our LB corps for years. Both posses gametime experience with both starting a majority of their games since being true freshman, and beyond. Both are similar in size with Hightower coming in slightly taller @ 6'4" vs 6'2", and heavier 260lbs vs 255 lbs. Both are athletic team leaders.

Round 2- Same as Scenario 1 (Alameda Ta'mu, NT Washington)

Round 3- Same as Scenario 1 (Brandon Mosely, OT Auburn)

Round 4- Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State
6'3" 205 4:80 40 time
After reading scouting reports sounds like a younger Cassel with upside: "What teams will like about Cousins is his ability to deliver the football quickly with above average arm strength. When it comes to those short and intermediate routes, he displays good accuracy (even with pressure coming his way). At the next level, he'll need to really improve his ability to pull the trigger and trust his talent for reading defenses. He doesn't always make the right pre-snap reads and if he is shuffling around the pocket, his mechanics struggle. Being able to be patient, plant his feet and drive through his hips when delivering the football is a talent he'll need to continue to develop as a pro." He's the all-time leader in Michigan State history for wins as a starting QB. With skills similar to Cassels, we would not need to change the offensive system when this guy takes over.

Round 5- Brand0n Bolden, RB Ole' Miss
5'11" 222 4:52 40 time
For similar reasons I have us drafting Vick Ballard in round 4 of the first two scenarios, we push the need back a round and grab Bolden. Similar size, and talents of Ballard, and also former teammates with McCluster, and Lewis.

Top FA's to target with this Scenario:

With the addition of the ILB in round 1 we now do not need to target a stud ILB in FA....

This would put our need back to the O-line:
The same guard prospects I had mentioned (Grubbs & Nicks)

Merriweather and Pool will also remain options in this scenario.

But mainly we could look to upgrade our LOT or ROT... So prospects like Kareem Mackenzee, Kahlif Barnes, and Max Starks would be nice additions for either tackle position.

As for Rounds 6 & 7 in each scenario:

I have us looking to add safety and O-line depth. Here are a few players:

Tramain Thomas, FS Arkansas
Antoine McClain, OG Clemson
James Carmon, OT Mississippi State (DUDE IS HUGE!)

so man that took a long time, but It was fun to analyze and look at the options.... What are peoples thoughts and reactions to these projections.

12-02-2011, 05:53 PM
Personally I like your first scenario but I don't think Pioli shares in that belief. I honestly don't believe they will take a qb in the draft this year in any round. I wouldn't be shocked to see Pioli trade our first round pick back for more "value".

Looking at what I "think" they are trying to do is make this year about the trenches. We can go with our offensive playmakers and our defensive secondary we are needing the lines to catch up with them.

12-02-2011, 08:50 PM
I dont do this anymore because it never turns out the way we had all hoped. As I have said in the past, we have our wish list and they have theres.....

12-02-2011, 09:49 PM
Thanks for the hard work and research Jrudi. I think this entire team needs to be overhauled. Any of your scenerios would be a drastic improvement IMO...

12-02-2011, 10:35 PM
Nice read. Gives me something to look forward to. It's like okikcfan said though. It never works out the way we see it even though i'm with you on your picks. If we don't pick up a premier QB in the 1st round, I rather not get one at all the rest of the draft. Look what happened to Stanzi. Don't want to see that again. It's a waisted pick. I love the 1st scenario if our Qb play continues the way it has.

70 chiefsfan70
12-03-2011, 11:39 AM
Nice read. Gives me something to look forward to. It's like okikcfan said though. It never works out the way we see it even though i'm with you on your picks. If we don't pick up a premier QB in the 1st round, I rather not get one at all the rest of the draft. Look what happened to Stanzi. Don't want to see that again. It's a waisted pick. I love the 1st scenario if our Qb play continues the way it has.

Yes indeed it is something to look forward to. Its always interesting to see and hear other opinions about our needs. It helps us think outside the box, and see things differently. Sometimes I think thats the biggest problem the Chiefs have. The play calling is just plain stupid and it never changes. We are so freakin preditable it hurts our team in many ways. If we could just get the Coaches (whoever it may be calling the plays in) to think outside their tiny little box, and see our outrageously predictable we have become.

I don't see Stazi as a bust yet, as he has not even seen any play time. I wish we would have played him in some of those blowout games that we had. He may or may not be worth keeping. I don't think he will ever be a starter. I agree that if we draft a QB it should be in the 1st or second round.

Now back to topic: I liked option 1 best but any of those options would be a huge improvement, Without any injuries next year we should have a decent year without drafting a QB, if we spent the first couple picks on OL.

But with a 1st round QB and a great LT we should have a very good year next year. I think we can't go wrong either way. Best available QB or Best Available LT. And I would support trading to the top 3 4 or 5 to get it.

12-04-2011, 07:32 PM
Nice read. Gives me something to look forward to. It's like okikcfan said though. It never works out the way we see it even though i'm with you on your picks. If we don't pick up a premier QB in the 1st round, I rather not get one at all the rest of the draft. Look what happened to Stanzi. Don't want to see that again. It's a waisted pick. I love the 1st scenario if our Qb play continues the way it has.

Why is Stanzi a wasted pick? Because he doesn't get to start as a rookie?

Hardly a bust.

Busts for KC- Tank Tyler, Turk McBride, Sylvester Morris, Brodie Croyle...

12-04-2011, 08:27 PM
I'm liking scenario number 2

12-04-2011, 08:44 PM
Why is Stanzi a wasted pick? Because he doesn't get to start as a rookie?

Hardly a bust.

Busts for KC- Tank Tyler, Turk McBride, Sylvester Morris, Brodie Croyle...

I agree about Stanzi. Even if he never starts and is always a back-up, its not a bust. I dont think you can call any pick after the 3rd round a bust. More than 50% of people drafted in the 4th round are out of the league in 3 years. If you pick someone who is one the team and plays only a backup role for more than 3 years, you have done better than 50% of the other teams. To me, that is a success, not a bust or wasted pick.

Chiefs fanatic
12-04-2011, 11:48 PM
I like the 1st scenario. I really like RG3 and think that he could be a great franchise QB.

12-05-2011, 09:57 AM
Another FA prospect that I thought would be a nice addition to our team in any of these draft scenario's that I had came up with (if it doesn't come with a heafty price tag)....

Calais Cample DE from Arizona. He is not what you would say and "Elite" Defensive end, but good enough to replace Jackson, and provide a decent pass rush. Dude is HUGE too, he's heavy enough to play a DE in the 3-4, and is like 6'8"

If we could add him, Lofton and Merriweather in FA, and land a NT like Ta'mu or Chapman in the draft.... WOW our D could be even nastier than it has been the last 3 games, and we could focus a lot of our draft on Offense.

I'm usually not a fan off a lot of FA additions, but I think our Defensive core is set with lots of young talent, and we are to the point where the FA additions could help put us to that next level immediately.

12-05-2011, 03:06 PM
I posted an individual topic on my first mock of 2012 here :

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