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12-03-2011, 04:01 PM
I was browsing through a couple of sites, getting a feel for what the average NFL fan thinks about The Chiefs 2012 draft, and came across a place that has a very nice "create a draft" option...

I have one on there, though I admit I am not familiar enough with all of the prospects, nor all 32 NFL teams' needs, to have done it well.

But the tools for their create a draft are very user-friendly.

Draft Title: 2012 from Chiefs fan (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/draft/view/chief31/2012_from_Chiefs_fan)

User : chief31

First go-round of a first round mock...

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1 Colts http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/images/imported/2011/12/2.jpg Luck, Andrew (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Luck_Andrew /667) http://www.mockdrafthq.com/images/player/thumb/Luck-Andrew_.jpg QB from Stanford

2 Rams Kalil, Matt (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Kalil_Matt/764) OT from USC

3 Vikings Martin, Jonathan (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Martin_Jonathan/766) OT from Stanford

4 Dolphins Barkley, Matt (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Barkley_Matt /702) QB from USC

5 Jaguars Blackmon, Justin (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Blackmon_Justin/753) WR from Oklahoma State

6 Panthers Coples, Quinton (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Coples_Quinton /729) DE from North Carolina

7 Eagles Kuechly, Luke (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Kuechly_Luke /778) OLB from Boston College

8 Redskins Griffin, Robert (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Griffin_Robert/775) QB from Baylor

9 Buccaneers Still, Devon (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Still_Devon/814) DT from Penn State

10 Chargers Claiborne, Morris (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Claiborne_Morris/770) CB from LSU

11 Chiefs http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/images/imported/2011/12/3.jpg Reiff, Riley (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Reiff_Riley/765) http://www.mockdrafthq.com/images/player/thumb/Reiff-Riley.jpg OT from Iowa

12 Browns Floyd, Michael (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Floyd_Michael /642) WR from Notre Dame

13 Cardinals Dennard, Alfonzo (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Dennard_Alfonzo /682) CB from Nebraska

14 Seahawks Teo, Manti (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Teo_Manti/779) ILB from Notre Dame

15 Bills [ Still, Devon (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Still_Devon/814) DT from Penn State

16 Titans Jones, Landry (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Jones_Landry/755) QB from Oklahoma

17 Jets Jeffery, Alshon (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Jeffery_Alshon/752) WR from South Carolina

18 Giants Kirkpatrick, Dre (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Kirkpatrick_Dre/767) CB from Alabama

19 Broncos [ Burflict, Vontaze (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Burflict_Vontaze/757) ILB from Arizona State

20 Bengals Brown, Zach (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Brown_Zach /713) OLB from North Carolina

21 Lions Jenkins, Janoris (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Jenkins_Janoris /686) CB from Florida

22 Cowboys Glenn, Cordy (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Glenn_Cordy /617) OG from Georgia

23 Bengals Miller, Lamar (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Miller_Lamar/810) RB from Miami

24 Bears Sanu, Mohamed (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Sanu_Mohamed/763) WR from Rutgers

25 Browns Upshaw, Courtney (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Upshaw_Courtney /703) ILB from Alabama

26 Steelers Adams, Mike (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Adams_Mike /623) OT from Ohio State

27 Chiefs http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/images/imported/2011/12/3.jpg Weeden, Brandon (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Weeden_Brandon /671) http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/images/imported/2011/12/4.jpg QB from Oklahoma State

28 Texans Poe, Dontari (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Poe_Dontari/812) NT from Mississippi

29 Patriots Thompson, Brandon (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Thompson_Brandon /747) DT from Clemson

30 Ravens Hightower, Dont'a (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Hightower_Dont'a/789) ILB from Alabama

31 49ers Minnifield, Chase (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/Minnifield_Chase /683) CB from Virginia

32 Packers David, Lavonte (http://www.mockdrafthq.com/player/view/David_Lavonte /719) OLB from Nebraska

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You can re-arranged the order all you want. Myself, I chose to have our Chiefs make a trade to re-enter the first round and take a QB, just to keep keep their fanbase happy. :lol: