View Full Version : On a more POSITIVE NOTE

12-14-2011, 12:32 AM
As said in numeriouse conversations in the past few days. The Chiefs have a very solid foundation thanks to Coach Hailey which makes this opportunity look that much better to available coaches.

The best thing is there are so many proven Head Coaches available in the NFL right now we dont have to choose a inexperienced coach such as Crennel or Mcdaniels. We can choose someone like Fisher, Gruden, Cowher, or even Billick.

The year that we need a franchise QB just so happens to be the year the 2012 is Draft heavey with QB the BEST NEWS OF ALL is Landry Jones and Matt Barkley will both be available if we lose these next 3 games. Most people on this site think that RG3 will be a good fit and I have this to say tell me how Vick would do in our division and on our team. We do not need a running QB we need a calm accurate deep throughing QB why because the chiefs are the best at playaction. Charles, Jones, and Battle can do the running.