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01-02-2012, 02:02 AM
As the Chiefs players poured into the locker room in Denver after their season-ending 7-3 victory over the Broncos, it didn't take long before the chants of "RAC, RAC, RAC" rang out with so much force they went through a couple of doors and cinderblocks walls.
The players were letting anyone within earshot know that they want Romeo A. Crennel to stay on as head coach. Crennel wants to be their head coach. The future remains unknown. Crennel's record since taking over for the fired Todd Haley is 2-1 in games and undefeated in the hearts of the locker room.

"The people who are going to make the decisions, they see how I've operated," Crennel said. "Whatever decision they make, they are going to make.

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