View Full Version : Polians fired by colts

01-03-2012, 04:27 AM
Does anyone else see this as odd? I'm wondering why Kirsay would get rid of a guy that built a perennial playoff team.

His son Chris was also let go. Did anyone else know that his other son, Brian is the special teams coach for Stanford for the last two years? That is special teams coach/recruiting coordinator.

Just playing conspiracy theorist a bit. "Dad you just have to get this Luck guy"....... did Polian ensure that they would get the first pick? I mean it just seems weird that they would fire Polian and Caldwell is still there. I think he is anyway.

Polian helped field that Bills team that dominated(never the big show) the early 90's.

He was also a scout for the Chiefs back in '78 (Marv Levy era)

01-18-2012, 01:41 AM
Caldwell is gone now tho, Indy is going to be the biggest mystery heading into next year in the NFL imo