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10-27-2006, 11:20 AM
Appearantly, Damon Huard suffered a strained groin during practice on Thursday. I haven't heard, yet, if he will be missing any time.

Here is the espn story.


10-27-2006, 02:17 PM
According to the KC Star, Huard suffered an undetermined injury during practice, and when they moved the practice inside because of rain, Brodie Croyl took the remaining practice snaps. The availability of Huard to play in Sundays game with the Seahawks is unknown at this time, no futher news has come out of the Chief's camp. Brodie threw two interceptions in the steeler game and since he is an unproven rookie, if he starts , in my opinion, things do not bode well for Herm Edwards and the Chief's.
Here is hoping that Damon is able to play Sunday, because it is going to be two or three weeks befor Trent will be ready to take the snaps.

GO CHIEF'S :hammer: The Seahawks!!

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