View Full Version : 'Bounty' sanctions must be severe to protect NFL's image

03-05-2012, 01:07 AM
About The saints Bounty Program and if Manning's Injury was caused by the redksins while Greg Williams was coaching there.

NFL.com news: 'Bounty' sanctions must be severe to protect NFL's image (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82760ad9/article/bounty-sanctions-must-be-severe-to-protect-nfls-image?module=HP11_cp)

N TX Dave
03-05-2012, 02:52 AM
I think Williams should be banned from football just like Rose was banned from baseball, as well as the team should be punished maybe not have a #1 pick for 3-5 years and banned from post season those same years just like they do in college for rules violations "the death penalty". The college loses scholarships and can not play in a bowl games for some time.

03-05-2012, 09:05 AM
Well this last week for me as a Saints fan has been tough.

First off all the bounty crap. I really think we are getting the short end of the stick and the NFL is singling us out. Terrell Suggs has ADMITTED that the Ravens did a bounty program to try and hurt Hines Ward and Rashall Mendenhall in the 2010 playoffs. Did the NFL make a big deal about that? Nope....

And to make matters is worse is how they claimed we had a bounty on Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. The Saints hit Favre more times than he had ever been hit in his entire career, and is he running his mouth right now and blaming my team for hurting him? Nope. Kurt Warner has even said quote "It was a fair shot" when they gave him that concussion in the playoffs. Right now I think it's 30% a true story, and 70% is the media throwing us under the bus, because we're the Saints and not the Patriots or Steelers or Giants. Why aren't they investigating the Giants who got blamed for faking injuries all year, and they even admitted to targetting Kyle Williams head to try and hurt him in the 49ers game because they knew he had so many concussions.

And the "Saints are the cause of Manning's neck injury" is pure laughable. Remember, Peyton played a whole season after that Super Bowl, and the Saints BARELY HIT HIM in that game! He was protected greatly by that offensive line in the Super Bowl.

Right now the media is doing anything to throw them under the bus and it's goddamn sickening. Sorry we're not the Giants who fake injuries and try to target someone like Kyle Williams to knock out of a game because of his concussions. Sorry we're not the Steelers who have had the refs help them slide through tough games, and their defense is far more dirtier than ours, and sorry we're not the Patriots who did spy gate which people now think wasn't as bad as this.

Football is a CONTACT SPORT. No matter how biased Goodell is making rules that favor the offense, it's not going to change anything. What they aren't saying is why wasn't teams protecting their quarterback better? You know, all those hits on Favre in the NFC Championship would have been prevented if he was getting good protection. The Vikings let him get sacked 5-6 times against Dallas a week before the NFC Championship, as poorly as their offensive line tried to protect him, they were asking for him to get mauled down and it would have been no different if he was playing against Pittsburgh or Baltimore, or the 49ers who can get to the quarterback.

I'm 99% sure the Saints and Gregg Williams are not the only teams that did the bounty program. It has been going on for YEARS. Anyone seen how dirty the Houston Oilers were when Jerry Glanville was the coach? I wouldn't doubt they got bonuses for injuring other guys. Buddy Ryan's Eagles from the late 80's and early 90's even confessed they ran the "bounty game" and got bonuses for that stuff. No one cared back then, and if Terrell Suggs admits the Ravens did it to the Steelers, I highly doubt the Steelers didn't do it back to them in return. If the NFL is going to single out the Saints, they should investigate ALL 32 teams. But instead they are just making an example of us because we're not one of Goodell's big market teams like the Giants or Patriots. The Giants faked injuries this year, and admitted to trying to take someone out of the NFC Championship game, and they won the Super Bowl. So if they say the Saints 2009 team is "tainted" then so is the Giants, and so is the Pittsburgh team that won a Super Bowl over Seattle with help of the refs giving ridiculous penalties in that game, and another one can also say New England didn't deserve to win it in 2001 since the Tuck Rule.