View Full Version : Went to family fun day today..

08-04-2012, 06:04 PM
I was pretty disappointed. The people working there didn't know a thing evertime I asked a question. It said show up early to get autographs, but when we got there no one knew when. Finally they made an announcment right before practice and said it would be after practice.

They didn't have a water fountain. Autographs were also 10 mins long. I understand the players had things after but there were about 20k people there. Should of been atleast 30 mins. I was unable to stay for the autographs. Kids got free coupon tshirts, which was cool for them. It was about money.

Maybe I just have to high of expectations?

Practice looked to have gone well, but everything else seemed unorganized. Even the Chiefs shop was unorganized I thought.

Connie Jo
08-04-2012, 07:24 PM
Others are disappointed too. You're right, camp has become too commercialized, unorganized, too. The intimacy once experienced in River Falls is long gone.

I was disappointed when I went last Monday. The best part was tailgating with friends before camp.

Many who attend camp aren't even avid Chiefs fans. I see so many kids & adults both who don't even know who the players are when obtaining autographs. They're just getting autos cause they can for the hell of it. Most will end up in garage sales or the trash...they don't appreciate them like loyal Chiefs fans.

It's simply something for non Chiefs fans to do that's free entry, & free give aways & contests. Lots of people who aren't Chiefs fans go for the free stuff, nothing more. Family Fun Day is an exception with a $5 entry fee.

It may be presumptuous of me...but what loyal Chiefs fan goes to camp not wearing at least a Chiefs t-shirt, or sporting other team gear? I've paid attention, and it's those who aren't in Chiefs gear who don't have a clue about the team. No way to stop it though, but I would prefer they charge an entry fee...it will stop many who come just cause it's free & free stuff.

Connie Jo
08-04-2012, 07:27 PM
I've went the past 3 yrs. to camp, since it moved to St. Joe. I learned the first year not to go on Family Fun Day, or weekends, due to overcrowding & too many non Chiefs fans. The best time to go is when they're not promoting it, as they do Family Fun Day and the night practice. If you can go to one during the week that's not promoted as anything special...it's less crowded, more enjoyable.