View Full Version : Yahoo News : Kansas City Chiefs fan has a Chiefs glass eye (PHOTO

08-16-2012, 03:00 PM
This is Steve Graham. Steve lost an eye in an accident 45 years ago, right around the time he became a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. A few years ago, he had an artificial eye made with the team's logo on it and recently shared the picture with the Chiefs-centric blog Arrowhead Addict . On the list of " gotta support the team " gestures you may come to regret, this barely registers.*Graham told the website he doesn't walk around with the Chiefs eye all the time -- "it can freak some folks out." He has a regular eye that he wears on most days, then switches *for games. And here I thought I was devoted to my team because I dig out my Art Monk jersey out of the closet every September. Getting a team tattoo; now, that's something you can't take back. Turns out Graham has one of those too. Thanks, Deadspin

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