View Full Version : Pick 'em, Week 6.

10-11-2007, 03:41 PM
Cin @ KC
Hou @ Jac
Mia @ Cle
Was @ GB
Min @ Chi
Phi @ Nyj
Ten @ TB
Car @ Ari
NE @ Dal
Oak @ SD
NO @ Sea
Nyg @ Atl

10-11-2007, 03:44 PM
Cin @ KC --KC
Hou @ Jac -- Hou
Mia @ Cle -- Cle
Was @ GB -- GB
STL @ BAL -- Bal
Min @ Chi -- Min
Phi @ Nyj -- Phi
Ten @ TB -- TB
Car @ Ari -- Ari
NE @ Dal -- NE(Gonna be a good game)
Oak @ SD -- SD
NO @ Sea -- Sea
Nyg @ Atl -- Nyg

10-11-2007, 03:49 PM
us over them is my prediction.....CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-11-2007, 03:59 PM
Cin @ KC---KC
Hou @ Jac---Jac
Mia @ Cle---Mia (has a team ever lost 3 games in a row with a RB well over 100 yards)
Was @ GB---GB
STL @ BAL---Bal
Min @ Chi---Chi
Phi @ Nyj---Phi
Ten @ TB---TB
Car @ Ari---Ari
NE @ Dal---Dal
Oak @ SD---SD
NO @ Sea---NO
Nyg @ Atl---NYG

10-11-2007, 04:40 PM
Cin @ KC - KC of course. We still have the best home-winning percentage since 1990 and our offense needs and is finally going to get a game against a weaker defense. I hope this game goes a long way toward our offense realizing what they are capable of and gaining some confidence. The Chiefs should be able to get some good pressure on Palmer and our young d-backs are back for this week. When it comes down to it, I think our defense can stop them more than their D will be able to stop us. Our offense needs to come out of their shell in this game and finally get something going on the ground.

Hou @ Jac - Jac. They schooled the Chiefs last week and the Texans barely snuck by the 0-5 Dolphins. The Jags are a solid, physically dominant football team. A team that the Colts should keep a very close eye on in that division. Look for Jax to win and keep themselves in position to capitalize off of any Indy slip-ups.

Mia @ Cle - Cle. It seems this team is finally starting to do what it needs to get better. They have a long way to go to be a playoff-caliber team, IMO but they should be able to put up more points than Miami-- who consistently looks like a 0-and-whatever football team week-in and week-out.

Was @ GB - Was. Kitna is no Favre but Washinton still shut-down one of the NFL's most prolific passing games last week. Green Bay does have a better rushing game than Detroit's but it's still not that good. The Redskins just seem like a more complete football team at this point. They really aren't bad in any one aspect of the game and seem to not have any overwhelming strengths or fatal weaknesses. I think a team like the Packers would be easier to game-plan for than one like the 'Skins.

STL @ BAL - Bal. I already picked my Rams' upset last week and they failed. This is a reeling football team that is going to be in competition with Miami for first-pick in the draft next year. The Ravens don't really impress me, either but at this point, I would definately put them ahead of the Rams.

Min @ Chi - Chi. The Bears allowed the Packers to have a decent game on the ground against them but were able to check Favre well enough to come out with the win. Peterson will have a huge game for the Vikings but I seriously doubt he will get any help from their passing offense-- which is nonexistent (31st in the NFL). Chicago's offense finally got something going against a good Packers' defense last week and as long as they don't transform back into a turnover-machine, they should have enough to win this game.

Phi @ Nyj - Phi. I'm not that impressed with the Eagles this year but am even less-impressed with the Jets. I honestly don't see either of these teams making too many waves as the season goes on.

Ten @ TB - Ten. The AFC South is just superior. The Bucs are not a bad team by any stretch of the imagination. The Titans are just better, being a product of what is currently the best division in football, IMO. This one will be closer than the Bucs' game against Indy last week. I think Tennessee gets the win by single digits.

Car @ Ari - Ari. Carolina has just been scraping by with what they can get. They are a team with some issues right now that I don't see getting fixed anytime soon. With Delhomme being out for the season, Steve Smith's production will continue to be a shadow of it's former self. Meanwhile, Arizona has proven that they are an improved football team that may actually be bordering on being called at least decent to pretty good.

NE @ Dal - NE. The Pats will show the 'boys why the AFC is superior. If Romo only has half of the turnovers he did against the Bills, there is no way Dallas will recover from it against a team like NE. The Patriots seem more disciplined and it is hard to find a chink in their armor. They are a well-rounded team that is good at playing to their strengths while exploiting their opponent's weaknesses. They are well-coached and the players consitently execute with sucess. I honestly think this game will be a blow-out. Pats by 20+.

Oak @ SD - SD. They got back to form last week against the Donkeys. Oakland is way better than they have been but the Chargers are going to be looking to make a statement to their fans in their first home game since losing to the Chiefs. This is going to be a close one, though and I may be wrong.

NO @ Sea - Sea. I forgot about the 'aints earlier when talking about draft picks. This is a team that is really on their heels. Seattle is probably going to come into this game with a lot of intensity and something to prove after getting totally owned by the Steelers in a shut-out loss last week.

Nyg @ Atl - Nyg. Atlanta is playing a lot better now than how they started the season. Still, Eli Manning has really started to come into his own as a starting NFL QB. Plaxico Burress continues to make plays for him while the Giants' defense has turned their play around since the beginning of the year. However, This was actually one of the harder ones for me to call and I really wouldn't be too surprised to see Atlanta sneak out of this one with a win.

10-11-2007, 11:18 PM
Cin @ KC - KC
Hou @ Jac - Jac
Mia @ Cle - Cle
Was @ GB - GB
STL @ BAL - Bal
Min @ Chi - Min
Phi @ Nyj - Phi
Ten @ TB - Ten
Car @ Ari - Ari
NE @ Dal - NE
Oak @ SD - SD
NO @ Sea - Sea
Nyg @ Atl - NYG