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10-26-2012, 03:03 PM
Once again, it's time to gear up for this week's slate of NFL games with analysis from the best in the business -- Greg Cosell of NFL Films and ESPN's "NFL Matchup." As he did so well last year, Greg will give you a sense of the week's upcoming games you won't get anywhere else, based on his conversations with players and coaches past and present, and his OCD-level evaluation of coach's tape. *Since the podcast was recorded on Friday morning, we started by reviewing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' *Thursday night win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Shutdown Corner Week 8 NFL Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell Here are the Sunday and Monday games, in order of discussion: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams (London) Miami Dolphins at New York *Jets Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins at Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars at Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals And some words of wisdom from Mr. Cosell: On Tampa Bay's defensive line: "They've played very well. I'll tell you, the most overlooked player on that front four is Roy Miller, who was a third-round pick out of Texas. If I'm not mistaken, he came out the same year as Brian Orakpo, and nobody talked about him. But I really like him on film for what he is, and he's really good against the run. He's a nice complement to Gerald McCoy, who is a quickness and movement player, and Miller is more of a player who will hold the point and stalemate blocks. He's essential to the way they defend the run. McCoy's obviously a phenomenal athlete, and Miller plays stronger than his size." On the disappearance of Mark Ingram from the Saints' offense: "That's easy -- it's the offense they run. They don't need Mark Ingram, and they don't run an offense with w feature back. Mark Ingram plays 15 snaps a game. I think most people in the league would say that if you plug Mark Ingram into the Bucs' offense and say, 'He's the back,' he would be a wonderful foundation back. Darren Sproles plays the most of any back in their offense, and he only plays when they go three-wide. They don't have a base running game in a strict sense, and that's what Ingram is -- he's a foundation back. I don't think there's anything wrong with Mark Ingram, but when you only play 12 of 15 snaps a game, and you're a rhythm runner, you can't do anything." The Shutdown Corner Week 8 NFL Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell

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