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12-31-2012, 06:35 PM
I am not advocatimg any of the players or coaches that I am about to use in this analogy. If you just read to the end before you get to wound up, I "think" you may understand what I am trying to convey:

Look at the Denver Broncos. From 3-4 years ago to right now.

Josh McDaniels takes over...Lots of questions about the trades and draft picks.

A couple of years and it did not work out. Then Fox comes into town and has a pretty successful year with McDaniels players..Right?

See, Fox was brought in as an experienced, successful head coach that is a disciplinarian and a pretty good communicator. John Elway knew that. Elway also knew that the team HAD to have a leader on the field as well. They needed a Brady, a Brees, an Elway, a Montana, an Aikman, etc.

They sacrificed. They gambled. They got him.

Hence, they are now in the play-offs..Well deserved.

From the Chiefs side, I think we have pretty darn good players. Some areas need help such a the WR corp and ESPECIALLY the QB.

Manning has made the Broncos receivers BETTER. He is their OC because he is that GOOD.

Here is what WE need for OUR team:

1) A Head Coach with BALLS, yet a terrific communicator and motivator. Not a bull sh i tter. A passion for coaching.

2) A QB that is a LEADER and commands the huddle by his own work ethic and leadership.

3) Discipline by LEADERSHIP.

If we get it this year, I believe BIG play-off wins are right in the palm of our hands.

12-31-2012, 08:38 PM
interesting thoughts. Looking at your scenario i can see some similarities.