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10-20-2007, 07:58 AM
Runyan misses practice after hurting tailbone in training room fall

Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles starting right tackle Jon Runyan (http://www.nfl.com/players/jonrunyan/profile?id=RUN804626) sat out practice Friday after bruising his tailbone in a training room fall, but believes he will make his 184th consecutive start Sunday against Chicago.

Runyan, who was moving gingerly in the locker room Friday, said he slipped while getting into a tub following Thursday's practice and landed on the tub's edge.
Asked how he felt Friday afternoon, Runyan said "not good."
"The most comfortable position is standing, put it that way," he said.
The irony of hurting himself in the training room was not lost on Runyan, who has started 183 consecutive games including the playoffs.
"It's frustrating, as you're getting into the tub to kind of take care of your body, you end up hurting yourself," he said.
But both Runyan and coach Andy Reid expect the 12-year veteran to play Sunday.
"It's not going to be fun, but we'll get it done," Runyan said. Reid was confident enough to make a quick joke at Runyan's expense.
"It's a long way down to that tailbone," Reid said of the 6-foot-7 tackle.
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