View Full Version : The NFL Rules are skewed toward Offensive teams like Denver

11-15-2013, 12:36 PM
There has been a lot of talk of late comparing this Chiefs team to the 2000 Ravens, and I am sorry that is just incorrect. I would perhaps give you the edge with Alex Smith over Dilfer. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the running tandem of Holmes (you should know him Chiefs fans) and Jamaal Lewis were much better than Charles and company. The wide receivers are both null and void in my mind. The real question is what about the defense in KC compared to Baltimore in 2000. I would first venture to say that your defense does not stack up against that Ravens squad and even if you argue it does, you cannot argue with the fact that the rules of the NFL are skewed against the defense a lot more than they were in 2000. It is because of this and the fact Denver is at home that the Broncos are favored by a whopping 8.5 points. Kansas City's only hope is to knock Manning out of the game early, because your offense just doesn't have the fire to keep up with Denver even if they have an off day. So KC defenders should go low and risk the penalty and perhaps the fine, as an upright Manning equals a loss for the Chiefs. The other issue KC has is Denver's defense plays well to your offenses strengths. They are ranked fourth against the run and they are getting healthier. If I was a KC fan I would be much more nervous about this game, as it is your first real test and it comes against a division foe with more offensive power than you have seen all year, and a defense that is quietly getting better and healthier. Alex Smith will have to take more chances this week down field and he may be the one on his back with a speedy number 58 coming around the edge just like D. Thomas did for so many years in KC.