View Full Version : Stevie Johnson traded

05-09-2014, 03:48 PM
I believe I read that it was for a next year 4th round pick. Not sure how his season went this year but I think I would have been okay with a 4th rounder for him.

05-09-2014, 11:03 PM
From what I understand the deal is contingent on working out a contract restructure...my guess is that he may have given them a list of teams he'd be willing to renegotiate with?! His contract is way over his market value, and the cap hit of releasing him was greater than trading him which gave him leverage. I'd guess it was a short list which apparently included the 49ers, and the 49ers were the team on that least that were willing to give a pick(s). The pick is a 4th guaranteed, 3rd based on performance. Again mostly undisclosed information, so I'm passing on rumors here...

05-09-2014, 11:48 PM
He's a chuckle head. No thanks