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10-22-2007, 03:15 PM

Watching this team sparks Marty flashback


http://media.kansascity.com/smedia/2007/10/21/22/157-11flanny102207.IMG_10-22-2007_PNV7I5R.embedded.prod_affiliate.81.jpg (http://media.kansascity.com/smedia/2007/10/21/22/671-11flanny102207.IMG_10-22-2007_PNV7I5R.standalone.prod_affiliate.81.jpg)

These Herm Edwards’ Chiefs certainly are beginning to remind us of the early, early days of the Marty Schottenheimer era in Kansas City: a quarterback who is anything but flashy, an ultraconservative game plan, a gritty defense and a lot of grind-it-out wins.•••
“Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is you’re going to the prom with Rosie O’Donnell. The good news is at least you’re going to the prom. An ugly win, but it is a win. The Chiefs will take it.”
| Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Radio Network
JF: You bet they will. There are no apologies in the NFL, and no one remembers an ugly win from October if you’re sitting 10-6 in January.
“This might be the fastest turn of a game I’ve ever seen.”
| Phil Simms, CBS analyst
“It was lifeless on the Oakland sideline before that (missed field goal).”
| Jim Nantz, CBS play-by-play man
JF: Simms and Nantz were exactly right. The Raiders resembled one collective corpse until Dave Rayner blew a chip shot that suddenly jolted the Raiders to life. You know, Edwards’ style of playing for field goals is fine — the Chiefs were going for the two-possession lead before Rayner’s miss. But you better have a kicker who can make chip shots.
“What was that? A huge hole for Larry Johnson.”
| Len Dawson, Chiefs Radio Network, after LJ’s career-long 54-yard run
“Oh, boy. Turk McBride just made a rookie mistake.”
| Holthus, after McBride ran into the punter, a penalty that would have given the Raiders a first down.
“What a huge break for Kansas City!”
| Holthus, after the Raiders were called for illegally touching the ball on the punt, offsetting McBride’s penalty.
“Derrick Johnson has been everywhere, all over the place. He and Jared Allen are everywhere.”
| Simms
JF: This was the type of suffocating defense that Edwards’ conservative approach demands.
“The Chiefs astutely and correctly called timeout before the Raiders punted (late in the first half) so they could get the ball back with time on the clock. But after watching those three plays, why even bother? If you’re that afraid to throw the ball, you might as well have just let the clock run out.”
| A disgusted Bob Gretz, Chiefs Radio Network, after the Chiefs ran two draw plays and a check-down pass to Larry Johnson that produced a worthless three-and-out before the half.
JF: A little venom from Gretz — I like it — and there’s no doubt he voiced the feelings shared by most Chiefs fans at the time. Gretz and Dawson are giving the Chiefs’ radio broadcasts some bite to complement the enthusiastic Holthus. Fans should appreciate that the hometown announcers aren’t simply dripping with homerism.
“Don’t forget about No. 82 (Dwayne Bowe). He’s the playmaker.”
| Dawson
“Definitely one of the most impressive rookies in the league.”
| Nantz
JF: There just has to be a way the Chiefs can get Bowe more into the offense.
“If he had tip-tapped to the line, the Chiefs would be punting instead of getting that first down.”
| Holthus, after LJ bulled his way to a first down instead of just dancing sideways.
JF: LJ did run a bit harder on the short-yardage plays Sunday. He would not be denied.
“I think you’ll see Priest Holmes when you see the game settle down a little more and the Chiefs get a feel for what the Raiders are doing.”
| Simms
JF: Things must have settled down quickly: Priest was in on the very next play.
“What a journey. It’s been two years. Nobody believed he could make it back.”
| Nantz on Holmes
“The offensive line is not what they’re used to in Kansas City. It’s a work in progress.”
| Simms
JF: It’s certainly not what Holmes was accustomed to, either, when he was running for all those touchdowns and yards years ago.
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10-22-2007, 05:04 PM
I will take the win no matter how ugly it is. This isn't College Ball so we don't have to worry about the computer generated BCS standings. A win is a win.