View Full Version : Players that impressed me and will be on my watch list.

08-08-2014, 08:59 AM
Well I already posted about Albert Wilson and the news out of camp so I was watching him, and the Chiefs appear to have game planned to get a look at him and he didn't let me down. Peter King already claimed he has made the team and I would agree. I like him. He is almost built like a running back so I think he will be a good possession receiver for us.

Okay so De'Anthony Thomas can return kicks. Never liked the "Wind Knocked over McCluster" that much so it looks like a possibly upgrade here. What is next????? I want to see more in the actual offense.

Travis Kelce, could be what everyone thought he was. I know it was against back ups, but he left the safeties and linebackers in the dirt on that slant route.

Jaye Howard. I know he played most of the night and the defense didn't look great but later in the game when he was probably getting tired. He showed some explosiveness off the line for a play that had the QB wonder what had happened. He was getting hit at the point of faking a hand off.

Malcom Bronson - I didn't even know this kid until his Interception last nigth so I read up on him. He is a small school kid who would have been drafted until he blew out his ACL. The Chiefs signed him last year and left him on the roster just to heal up and learn the defense. He was a ball hawk before getting hurt and according to the Chiefs is the smartest player in the secondary based on Wonderlic scoring. So he had a full year to learn the defense and study. I watched him more after the interception and even though the QB was not throwing good passes he was around the ball. I think he was the kid who had the interception over turned as well. So I want to really see more of #41. I heard he has been getting a lot of playing time with starters due to injuries but is also playing NB. He could develop into a good safety for us.